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#1 All Arcane Odyssey Treasure Chart Locations

Which are the best Arcane Odyssey treasure chart locations? There are many features and content in Arcane Odyssey and the treasure charts are important to complete the missions in every new island too. Here’s all about the Arcane Odyssey treasure chart locations.

You can acquire these treasure charts from the various locations on Arcane Odyssey map and they will also be highly helpful too. Arcane Odyssey has many interesting quests.

The treasure charts in Arcane Odyssey will also help you to get more rewards and other items too. And the thing is you can’t sell, trade, or even you can’t utilize treasure charts once you are killed in every Arcane Odyssey quests too.

Arcane Odyssey Treasure Charts

All Arcane Odyssey Treasure Chart Locations 

Arcane Odyssey Treasure Chart

Getting the treasure charts is very easy too also in Arcane Odyssey they are very advantage too.

The best ways to find and get treasure charts on Arcane Odyssey are,

  • Get it from scroll chests and you can travel across the sea, oceans, and islands for the same too
  • Dig using shovels and find some treasure charts in every random spot too
  • Complete Arcane Odyssey regular and daily tasks to get more treasure charts too

As of now, these are the best possible options to acquire these treasure charts in Arcane Odyssey too. And you will also get sealed chests and XP for finding these treasure charts in the Arcane Odyssey game too.


All the treasure charts locations in Arcane Odyssey are shared here at our GA end. Find the treasure charts and treasure chest rewards in the game right now.  The treasure chest has lots of new rewards and items to help the Arcane Odyssey gamers too.

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Arcane Odyssey 

Arcane Odyssey, the latest Roblox game with its early access has been launched finally and there are also many features too. Arcane Odyssey from the team of vetexgames also has many new content.

Arcane Odyssey is an incredible game on the Roblox platform and you can also play this epic game on war seas. Capture the islands and build your castles, defeat the enemies with your friends to get new rewards in the Roblox Arcane Odyssey game.


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