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Signature Attachment M4 COD Mobile 2023

In Season 2: Heavy Metal, the Signature Attachment M4 COD Mobile, one of the most famous assault weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, will receive a distinctive attachment. Signature attachments were introduced at the beginning of last year, and only a few firearms presently have them. They are one-of-a-kind attachments that can only be used on the rifle for which they were intended, in this instance an underbarrel grenade launcher for the M4.

While the developers have yet to announce its debut, the signature attachment has surfaced in advertising materials for the game’s Chinese localization. Because the version available in China runs a few weeks ahead of the global release, it frequently offers players early notification of what new features are coming to the game.

Signature Attachment M4 COD Mobile

Signature Attachment M4 COD Mobile

Signature Attachment M4 COD Mobile additions are rarely used in the game. There were only seven in Season 1, but it appears that we will get two this season, along with the game’s newest assault weapon, the Maddox. Both signature attachments are likely to become accessible, first through an in-game event, and then, after Season 2, by finishing a task unique to the gun, typically killing ‘X’ number of players.

The M4 is routinely one of the game’s most popular weapons, and with the addition of some high-explosive rounds, you can bet this trademark attachment will be a frequent sight in the game’s lobbies. Season 2 appears to be hopeful based on what we know so far. Players can look forward to these two new trademark attachments, a new area called Diesel, and a brand new game option called Goliaths, which pits two teams against each other.

Signature Attachment M4 COD Mobile

Signature Attachment M4 COD Mobile: Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

The Underbarrel Grenade Launcher Signature Attachment M4 COD Mobile attachment is an award for finishing each of the tasks doled out to you during the Too Connected occasion in COD Mobile Season 2. We’ve enumerated them all below:

  • In MP matches, kill 15 foes with any Assault Rifle outfitted with two attachments: 1000 Battle Pass Points and 200 Coins
  • Utilize Unstable Projectiles. multiple times in MP matches: 20 Shards of Manta Beam – Sea-going Excursion and 1000 Fight Pass Focuses
  • Win an MP battle while carrying an Assault Rifle (must be in possession at the conclusion of the encounter): 2000 Battle Pass Points and a Restful Soul
  • Kill 5 foes while prone with the M4 Assault Rifle in GKS – Wretched Dawn MP battles to earn 2000 Battle Pass Points.
  • In MP fights, kill 5 adversaries with the M4 Attack Rifle utilizing Hipfire: Underbarrel Launcher and 2000 Fight Pass XP.

Once enabled, you can equip it by heading to the Loadout area and choosing Grenade Launcher as the Underbarrel attachment. There will also be a new combat pass and adjustments to firearm balance, so there will be plenty to keep the game fresh in its fourth year. 

Other Signature Attachment COD Mobile

For many, the goal Other Signature Attachment COD Mobile will be to finish Challenge 5, which will award you with the M4’s underbarrel missile. To do so, make sure you have an assault weapon equipped, followed by the M4, which is required for the later tasks. Having said that, you should consult our M4 loadout guidance to ensure you have the optimal setup.

Of course, the underbarrel missile isn’t the only prize available. There are also plenty of battle pass Points and a GKS weapon blueprint named Wretched Dawn to be had. Remember that each challenge must be finished in sequence and one after the other, but with plenty of time (35 days), you should have no trouble getting through this one.

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