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COD Mobile Level 151: What Is The Truth Behind It?

Searching for COD Mobile Level 151 and how to get it?. I was searching for the trending topics and got to know that many of you are searching for it. Many of you want to know how to reach to the COD Mobile Level 151, but the main question it that is it really 151 Level In COD Mobile.

Because there are only 150 Level In COD Mobile, but we see some of the images and screenshot of the gamers who reached to the Level 151 In COD Mobile. So to clear your confusion we are here to lets you know truth of this COD Mobile Level 151.

In this post we will see all about the COD Mobile Level 151 or if it real how to reach to 151 Level In COD Mobile. So let’s digin to the truth to and clear all the confusion.

What Is Truth About The COD Mobile level 151?

COD Mobile Level 151

The truth of the COD Mobile Level 151, is when you reach the Level 150 the game will show the 151 Level. So there is not any new changes or Level In COD Mobile. After it shows 151 Level In COD Mobile, in your profile your level will be 150 only no changes at all, this information is form reddit.

What you see in the images and screenshot is may be the clutch or anything else because you will in 150 Level in COD Mobile after that. Now you are thinking what is the maximum level you can reach in the COD Mobile. So in the next paragraph you will get the answer.

What Is The Top Level In The COD Mobile?

In COD Mobile the top Level 150, and getting there quickly is actually very difficult. However, throughout the past few seasons, many players have requested a new levelling system.

And it appears that the developers are now investigating the situation and are set to start paying attention to the sizable player base.

Players can reach COD Mobile level 150 and gain access to a wide range of things like charms and firearms. The game’s player base has steadily increased thanks to upgrades over the previous few seasons.

How To Reach Level 150 Faster In COD Mobile?

To reach the level 150 in COD Mobile, Grab those yummy bonus EXP points at the end of a deathmatch. Along your friends as well as dominate while shielding each other to pass the 150-point milestone more quickly than others.

Play ranked mode all the time and try to take it as seriously as you can. Because each match lasts for almost five minutes, abuse the Deathmatch mode. Although a battle-royale contest takes a lot longer to finish than a normal match, the experience points it offers are practically same.

Or the more kills you get, the more EXP you get because each kill increases your kill EXP points to reach COD Mobile level 150 faster. Getting kills is crucial since they enable players to master the game more thoroughly and advance through the levels. Maintaining killstreaks is another fantastic approach to help with this process.

With friends present, any game improves, and the same is true in this instance. At the conclusion of every game, you are awarded extra experience points if you play alongside with friends, clanmates, or teammates.

The ideal approach to level up is to do it with friends by your side, as you can advance more quickly. And reach to the milestone of level 150 in COD Mobile faster than others.

What Is The Top Rank In COD Mobile?


The top rank in Call of Duty Mobile is legendary, and to get it, you need at least 6500 Rank XP. It takes a lot more grinding to advance to this tier. Only the top 10 players on a server are assigned to the Legendary tier in 2022.

COD Mobile Level 151

Since Rookie I is the sole tier designated for new players, any beginning and newbie account is automatically moved there. However, a crucial concern is raised here, How will other players be assigned to different tiers.

The points system determines where players are placed in all other tiers other than the legendary ones. The Tier will be higher the more points you have. Undoubtedly, every player will wane to win this title at some time during the game.

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