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Destiny 2 The Hidden Shape Step 7: Solve The Step 7 Stuck Problem!

In the Destiny 2 the hidden shape Step 7 many players get stuck in the final step. Even they Shape Revision Zero but not able to complete the Step 7 In Destiny 2. Players says that in this the hidden shape Step 7 most of the perk are lock and if they able to change to second perk they are not able to complete the quest.

In know this must be fustrating to not completing the Destiny 2 The Hidden Shape Step 7. Don’t worry guys we are here to solve this problem by giving you some fixes.

In this post we will solve the problem and get you know why this is happening. Making the fix of the problem and solve it as soon as possible. We will also see what is Revision Zero and about the Shape Revision Zero in the Step 7. We will cover all of it in this article, So let’s get started.


What Is Revision Zero In Destiny 2 And What It Will Do?

Destiny 2 The Hidden Shape Step 7

In Destiny 2, there is a brand-new Exotic Pulse Rifle called Revision Zero. A kinetic, anti-barrier pulse weapon with an additional fire mode for some light sniping, Revision Zero.

When you have accumulated enough targeting information from shooting adversaries in their vulnerable areas, you can activate Hunter’s Trace mode or raise the scope to unleash some high-damage, precise shots.

It can be obtained by finishing the mission The Hidden Shape. You’ll probably need assistance finishing The Hidden Shape once you’ve obtained it and begun playing.


Shape Revision Zero In Step 7 In Hidden Shape :-

Destiny 2 The Hidden Shape Step 7

Revision Zero has to be shaped, and you can do so by going to the Mars Relic. However, in order to accomplish this, you must use Revision Zero or finish the pattern by giving it a higher fighting level. Make your way to the Mars Relic to finish this part of the quest after you have given the weapon access to the Deepsight Resonance.

They are free to continue using Revision Zero’s previous iteration. Revision Zero’s base model doesn’t require a lot of resources to make. Players who are creating Revision Zero will note that there are fundamental benefits as catalysts that they are not yet able to use.


How To Solve The Destiny 2 The Hidden Shape Step 7?

This must be the bug which causing the stuck in the Step 7 in Destiny 2. Even if you shape revision zero it is not fulfilling the requirements i guess. To fix the problem in the Destiny 2 the hidden shape step 7 you have to recreate the Revision Zero instead of reshaping it.

Even if you do that and dismantling the Revision Zero and you still got stuck it the Destiny 2 the hidden shape step 7. The quest was successfully accomplished by deleting it, reclaiming it, and then crafting the gun.


Final Words :-

Revision Zero must be shaped as the final phase. Go to the Enclave in Savathun’s Throne World and engage with the crafting unit there to accomplish it. You’ll finish The Hidden Shape once the weapon is formed.

And you’ll then be on your path to obtaining all 4 Revision Zero catalysts. Starting this quest will give you Revision Zero right away, and as you go, you’ll discover how to make it better still.

This is all we got to tell you about the Destiny 2 The Hidden Shape Step 7. We gave you the fix of it and make you to complete the The hidden shape step 7 in Destiny 2.

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