Neural Cloud Upcoming Banners for Global Version

Have you all seen all the latest updates on Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud upcoming banners for the global version. Neural Cloud just got its global release worldwide, here are all the updates on Neural Cloud future banners with the tier list for the global version of the game.

As of now, Neural Cloud has been launched with only limited heroes and characters for the Global regions. But just like CN region, you may all expect all upcoming banners in Neural Cloud for the global versions too. Here we will see the Neural Cloud future banners and the Neural Cloud new banners currently.

Though the Neural Cloud banner schedule is not announced yet officially, some leaks have suggested all the upcoming Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud new banners and characters for the global version of the game.

Neural Cloud Upcoming Banners for Global Version

Neural Cloud Upcoming Banners

The leaks suggest various new banners and characters for Neural Cloud are in the plans. As Aki was the very first banner, Magnhilda, Dupin, and Suyeoi are the other major upcoming banners from the Neural Cloud game.

The helix banner is also in the banner schedule of Neural Cloud for the upcoming season. De Lacey, Clukay, Nora are the other major banners in the Neural Cloud global version of the game.

The global version official banner schedule list for Neural Cloud is expected to be coming out soon, as of now the leaks suggest that the upcoming banners of Neural Cloud are going to be extemel powerful with incredible and insane stats, as even the players of Neural Cloud are just looking for these banners to pull out summon.

More on Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud Global Banner Schedule

Neural Cloud Upcoming Banners

The other major banners for the upcoming banner schedule in Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud are Kuro, Dalyan, Zangyin and Uranus. Hubble, Earhart, Max, Lam and Chanzi are the other additions to the banner list of Neural Cloud global version.

The final set of banners for Neural Cloud banner schedule will include Fresnei, Turing, Sumo, Sockdolager, Python and Simo. As the Neural Cloud game has just begun for the global version banner schedule and characters will be coming out only later from the developers.

The above-mentioned heroes are incredibly powerful in Neural Cloud with their stats and skills being at the highest level.  More leaks of banners and banner schedule for Neural Cloud can be expected sooner in the coming days officially too.

Neural Cloud Upcoming Banners

Once the official full banner list and schedule for Neural Cloud comes out, you may pull out and summon your favorite heroes for this battle game. As of now these are the only leaks and rumored banners for Neural Cloud global version of the game.

Neural Cloud was a sensational hit in the Chinese regions, the Girls’ Frontline next release Neural Cloud has also gotten a good response in its global version release. The game has been known for its unique battle, mechanics and apocalyptic virtual kind of world.


Neural Cloud Upcoming Banners

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