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Keys of Loyalty WoW Quest Guide

Keys of Loyalty WoW is a new campaign quest from the WoW Dragonflight expansion. Here at GA we will guide with the Pathway and walkthrough to complete the keys of Loyalty WoW quest easily.

The objectives for Keys of Loyalty in WoW Dragonflight are to get the greater obsidian keys and with that you need to progress through the quest. Keys of Loyalty is one of the newest and easiest quests at the same time from the new WoW Dragonflight game.

Also for succesfully completing the WoW Dragonflight new campaign quests, players are getting new xp, money and more rewards. Here’s all about the keys of loyalty for WoW Dragonflight.

Keys of Loyalty WoW Quest Guide – Easy Steps

Keys of Loyalty WoW Quest

Players of WoW Dragonflight just need to collect some greater obsidian keys, then blend them into looted fragments and create a new key. Then you need to deliver the keys to Wrathion at the dragon isles.

Your WoW Dragonflight level needs to be at 70, this weekly elite campaign quest from Dragonflight is not a tougher one too. So locate to Dragon Isles, then get the greater obsidian keys to combine into a looted fragment and then into a key. That’s how this new quest is completed on WoW Dragonflight game.

Also for most of the players in WoW Dragonflight, the keys of loyalty quest is bugged, for this WoW Dragonflight players need to abandon all the quest, players have tried to abandon it for over 50 times in WoW Dragonflight.

Just abandon the WoW Dragonflight campaign quest to solve this keys of loyalty WoW campaign quest being bugged. Then you can complete the quest, collect greater obsidian keys and get the keys, rewards from WoW Dragonflight.

If you are done with WoW keys of loyalty, complete the other set of new WoW Dragonflight queste at the dragon isles location which is also the new landmark for the Dragonflight expansion. Complete the keys of loyalty and get the coveted rewards now easily on the game.

Rewards for Keys of Loyalty WoW

Keys of Loyalty WoW

Those who complete the keys of loyalty WoW campaign quest may get 1000 wrathion reputation, 100 Reputation with valdrakken accord.


That’s everything about the omens and incense quest guide for the WoW Dragonflight players here at our GA end. As the complete guide to keys of loyalty quest, how to fix the keys of loyalty bugged on WoW Dragonflight are all shared here at our Gaming Acharya end.

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 Is WoW Dragonflight Launched?

Wow Dragonflight expansion has been officially released yesterday. Players and fans of WoW have been anticipating this game for a longer time. If you have purchased WoW Dragonflight, you can start enjoying the new contents.

First you have to visit the dragon isles location for playing all the new quests which are available in WoW Dragonflight expansion. For entering Dragon Isles, you need to complete small quests and enter as an alliance or Horde on the boat or the Zeppelin.

Enjoy the new WoW Dragonflight expansion which is full of new contents and features, and complete the new set of dragon isles quests to get the best rewards too.

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