How to Fix WoW Dungeon Finder Not Working in Dragonflight Expansion

WoW Dungeon Finder Not Working is back again. Since yesterday WoW Dragonflight expansion players have been struggling with dungeon folder issues on WoW. Here’s how to fix the Dungeon Finder not working issues here at our GA end.

For most of the WoW Dragonflight players, the Dungeon Finder is not working and the Dungeon Finder is empty too. The Dungeon bug has been there for all WoW Dragonflight level players and most of them couldn’t get access to the Dungeon Finder tool on WoW Dragonflight for now.

The WoW Dragonflight dungeon finder tool issues can be experienced due to certain issues, we will share some of the best guide to overcome WoW Dragonflight dungeon finder tool issues and bugs here in GA now.

How to Fix WoW Dungeon Finder Not Working in Dragonflight Expansion?

WoW Dungeon Finder Not Working

There are 3 basic issues for these WoW Dragonflight Dungeon Finder tool issues, one is character level, then character cooldown boost and then the gear items too. Here are the best ways and solutions to fix and sort the WoW Dungeon Finder Not Working issues and glitches.


You may always have complications in finding dungeon when your level is extremely low or higher. Even players after level 60 in WoW Dragonflight tend to have these dungeon bugs. Get to know the level you are looking to find through the dungeon finder tool and go with it. Checking your minimum level requirements will help you to sort out the WoW Dragonflight Dungeon Finder bugs easily now.

Character Boost Cooldown

The Dungeon Finder WoW bugs mostly happen due to the other usage of level boost for a particular character in WoW. Better the Dungeon Finder must be used along with a new character, else the only option is to stay patiently and politely for 24 hours once you use character level boost to use the dungeon finder once again on the game.

Gear Items

The final obvious reason in WoW Dragonflight for the Dungeon Finder issues, errors and bugs is the hear items. Because low leveled gear items will never allow you to access to the dungeon finder and you won’t be able to join the queue in WoW Dragonflight expansion too. Just you need to upgrade your WoW Dragonflight gear items and level to solve the dungeon finder tool issues on WoW Dragonflight now.

More Options to Fix WoW Dragonflight Dungeon Finder Tool Bugs 

WoW Dungeon Finder Not Working

There are no other options to fix the WoW Dragonflight expansion dungeon finder tool issues. Work on the 3 mentioned steps to use and get access to the Dungeon Finder tool to find and join the queue. Else wait for blizzard entertainment updates to solve the WoW Dragonflight dungeon finder tool bugs. We will update more ways to fix WoW Dungeon bugs from our ga end sooner too.

Check YouTube or WoW Dragonflight social media pages for more updates on the WoW Dungeon not working issues and error problems for now here.


That’s everything about WoW Dungeon Finder not working solutions and guide at our GA end. All steps to fix and resolve WoW Dragonflight dungeon finder tool have been shared here on Gaming Acharya end now.

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