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Tips and Tricks that Will Help You Ace Star Chef 2 Like a Pro!

If you are anything like me then you absolutely love building games and my absolute favorite is Star Chef 2. Star Chef 2 captures my love for building games and the love I have for all the different cuisine from around the world. I have spent hours and hours in the world of Star Chef 2, so if you are just beginning your culinary journey then I have some tips and tricks you can use to stay ahead of everyone else.

Star Chef 2

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An Unlimited Supply of Coins!

Currency is important in any game and in Star Chef 2 you will need coins to buy appliances, plots, decors, etc. So won’t it be nice to have an unlimited supply of coins? When I began I was trying to serve as many tables as possible to earn more and more coins but when you serve tables you also get XP along with coins.

So I was earning and leveling up at a rapid speed, but the problem arises when you reach a certain level and have a new appliance unlocked but do not have enough coins to buy it. Only if there was a way where you could only earn coins without leveling up. Well, there is, it is the Chef Store.

Chef Store is your one-stop shop to exchange ingredients and recipes for coins. Chef Store is the very definition of what a win-win situation looks like. If you need coins or running out of storage, Chef Store can help you out. Just select the ingredient or the dish you are trying to unload and set a reasonable price and wait for the sale.

If you want optimum results then put together a marketing strategy that will work toward your needs. And if you are thinking putting together a marketing strategy will be a tricky task then you are mistaken. If you want to increase the visibility of the products you want to sell then advertise. What does that mean? It means your items will appear in more Food Trucks which in turn will increase your chances of selling your items.

If you are concerned about how much you have to spend on advertising then I have great news for you, a Free Advertisement will be available for you every 30 minutes which will give you the chance of making a budget-friendly marketing strategy.

Master Your Dishes!

Want to be on top? Then you need to master your dishes. Mastering a dish means more coins and more coins mean faster growth of your restaurant. So what is the best way to go about mastering your dishes?

If you want to Master a Dish then you will need Dish Cards. How to get Dish Cards? Compete in Chef Masters to open Chef Boxes. Chef Boxes will give you Dish Cards which will help you in upgrading your different Dishes. As I said earlier an upgraded Dish will yield an extra coin bonus per table. Every dish in the game has 20 levels to upgrade, but all the Dish Cards are not the same.

Dish Cards are divided into three classes of rarity: Common, Rare, and Exquisite depending on the cooking time. You might be thinking about how you will identify which Dish Card belongs to which rarity? The colors will tell you that. Just notice the background color, if it is green it is a common card, yellow is a rare card, blue is a very rare card and purple is an exquisite card. I think the categories speak for themselves in letting us know which Dishes will earn you the most bonus coins per table.

Keep an Eye on Your Backyard!

Don’t let your backyard go unnoticed. Your life will be a lot easier when your harvesting game is on point. The backyard is so important because that is where you will put your fresh fruits and veggies that you will later use in your dishes. Keeping a fresh batch of veggies and fruits on hand will let you whip up tasty dishes for your customers as soon as they order.

If you are expecting you will be able to grow every crop from the get-go you are mistaken. Every crop has a level you have to reach before you can plant them. There is another catch, even if you have a crop unlocked there is a limit on how many you can harvest at once. The trees and the bushes in your backyard are not the gifts that keep on giving.

Every bush or tree will give you only one veggie or fruit per harvest. Also while you are harvesting keep an eye on your tree’s health. If you see them go into a withering state you will need to fetch some water from the Well in the Backyard to revive them. So, stay frosty and always keep an eye on your backyard.

Get Noticed!

Aesthetics matter a lot. Don’t you wanna have the restaurant that everyone is talking about? I know I do. You can choose from several Decors and make your restaurant stand out. But decorating your restaurant has perks of its own. Don’t know about them? Well then let me tell you.

When you add new decor to your restaurant you earn something called Decor Points. And trust me when I say this, you will need decor points to progress your gameplay. So I always move strategically when it comes to decors. I always keep an eye on my coins and strategize all my expenses accordingly whether it be a new decor or a new appliance.

You didn’t forget about the prestige points, didn’t you? You will place decors to earn these points as well. This is where your competitive spirits will help you. As you keep earning Prestige Points you will slowly rise to the top of the leaderboard. Also if you want cooler decors you will need to unlock them by reaching a certain Prestige Level. If all this time you thought putting Decor is all about the aesthetic then you need to rethink your strategy.

Hopefully, these tips will help you ace Star Chef 2 like a pro.

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