How to Hit a Ceiling Shot in Rocket League?

A ceiling shot in Rocket League is an advanced skill that can be tricky to master. To execute a ceiling shot, it requires a perfect set up and good mechanical skills.

The most iconic ceiling shot is when Squishy Muffinz, a professional Rocket League player and former world champion scored an important goal at the RLCS season 4. That was the first ever time a ceiling shot had been scored in a professional game at a LAN event.

Why are Ceiling Shots Beneficial?

Ceiling shots can often be more beneficial than air dribbles because of their surprise factor. At higher ranks, air dribbles are generally defended with ease.

Ceiling shots provide a surprise factor because of the flip reset time. If you perform an air dribble, you only have 1.5 seconds to execute your second flip after you have jumped off the wall. However, with a ceiling shot, you do not jump. You must let your car fall from the roof. This grants you unlimited time to execute your flip.

Kieron from Pro MB Gaming has provided 6 steps on how to perform a flip reset in Rocket League…

Step 1

You may not want to start attempting ceiling shots immediately in ranked matches until you can hit them consistently. Therefore, we recommend starting in freeplay training.

Begin by hitting the ball up the wall, ensuring the ball rolls and does not bobble. If the ball bounces off the wall then it can make it extremely difficult to get the perfect set up. Follow the ball but give a few car lengths between yourself and the ball.

Step 2

When the ball is about 25-50% up the wall, you want to hit the ball by driving into it, not jumping. You need to contact the ball in the bottom right or bottom left depending on which way you are shooting. For example, when you are facing the wall, let’s say you are shooting to your right. This means you must contact the ball at the bottom left. This will send the ball upwards and right towards the opposition goal.

ceiling shot

Practice this for as long as possible whilst trying to learn the power to put in. The ball does not want to hit the roof and neither does it want to be too low below the roof. A few car lengths away from touching the roof is a good distance to help you in the next stage.

Step 3

Once you have hit the ball upwards, you need to follow the ball in a diagonal line and drive onto the roof. Do not jump! If you jump, then you lose your flip after 1.5 seconds. Let your car fall from the roof so you can use your flip at any point. This makes your opponents unsure of when you will implement your flip.

Ceiling Shot in Rocket League

Step 4

When you are first learning the ceiling shot, you want to begin practicing by hitting the ball once. Because the ball is above the goal, you need to contact the ball above the centre. So practice getting your car into position from the moment you fall from the roof, to the moment you use your flip to shoot.

Step 5

When you can successfully carry out a 1 touch ceiling shot, try a 2 touch. This is where you control the ball mid-air to set yourself up for the shot. Remember, you will still have your flip after the first touch.

Ceiling Shot in Rocket League

Step 6

When you feel comfortable, start to increase the tempo of steps 1 and 2 to make it more realistic to a match situation where you may not get much time on the ball.

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