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Best NBA 2K23 Best Defensive Settings!

NBA 2K23 Best Defensive Settings is something to figure out for winning more matches and championship titles. Here are all the tips from GA for best defensive settings and defending abilities in NBA 2k23.

Setting up the base with the best players for defense for NBA 2k23 MyTeam is a must, of course, there are a variety of aspects for NBA 2k23 MyTeam defensive settings.

Once your defense is built nicely, then your NBA 2k23 MyTeam career will be on a roll, okay here are NBA 2k23 best defensive settings in MyTeam for both Current & Next Gen console players of the game.

Best NBA 2K23 Best Defensive Settings!

NBA 2K23 Best Defensive Settings

The multiple areas for defensive settings in NBA 2k23 need to be sorted out, though some differences are there for NBA Next and Current gen consoles, yet most of the MyTeam defensive settings for both NBA 2k23 consoles are common mostly.

First head over to the MyTeam tab in NBA 2k23, proceed to line up management and select coaching tab option.

Now let’s focus on coaching gameplan and coach Settings going forward.

On Ball Pressure

Keep it to Smother automatic, defenders will use the team’s pressure scheme when guarding the ball handler. Go with moderate and tight.

Off Ball Pressure

Keep it to tight and automatic, defenders here are so powerful at perimeters.

On Ball Screen 

Use go over, pick and roll is the best to go with, on ball defender has all the potential to go over the screen too.


Hedge as automatic will help the defenders play on the team’s scheme and strategy, soft Hedge is preferred here. Ball carrier is avoided using this soft hedge feature.

Hedge Centre

Once again soft hedge can be used, defenders are again strong at ball carrier with the soft hedge over here, soft hedge is always preferred any day over the catch hedge.

Off Ball Screen

Switch over to go over with automatic, as the defenders deploy the skills based on the scheme.

Cutter Help

The cutter help rules is automatic for defending, help, no rotation are the other options for cutter help.

Double Team Perimeter

Play it in manuel to play the double team on perimeter with the best defensive skills

Drive Help

Drive help rules must be of no help, defenders here play based with team’s scheme of things.

NBA 2K23 Best Defensive Settings

More Defensive Settings in NBA 2k23 My Team!

Now the coach settings in NBA 2k23 is another area for defense, the defense settings for the coach is here.

  • Always keep the adaptive coach engine off,
  • Timeouts must be manual,
  • Late game fouling should be manual too,
  • Also switch substitutions to manual

Screen help rules, Pre rotate are the other NBA 2k23 MyTeam defensive settings which must be set properly, post, switch rules off ball, stay attached can be at default always for best NBA 2k23 defensive settings in 2022.

Employing these defensive setting skills for MyTeam in NBA 2k23 must alone help you grind out more success for your NBA 2k gaming career.

Of course there are also other many aspects of NBA 2k23 like offensive setting, best cards, and team, building up the rooster for MyTeam, MyCareer gaming modes, all of these will take you to greater heights in NBA 2k23.


That’s a wrap to NBA 2k23 best defensive settings from gaming acharya. Cover up all the bases for NBA 2k23 defensive areas with these best MyTeam defensive settings for NBA 2k23 in 2022.

Stay tuned with us for more best defensive settings options for NBA 2k23, and many more NBA 2k23 gaming contents and guides.

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