Genshin Potion Event Guide: Alchemical Ascension Event!

In this article, we will explore the Genshin potion event guide and how to obtain all the ingredients to make the potion.

Genshin potion event guide

The Alchemical Ascension potion event is an engaging in-game event in Genshin Impact, where you can participate in potion making challenge to cultivate ingredients Collect portions, and cell them to earn revenue.

In this event you will get a task to create portions based on market demands following is specific recipe and managing a potion shop to fund the expenses of operations. There is a lot more in the Genshin potion event, and here in this article, we will dual deep into the details and complete the event.

Genshin Potion Event Guide: Alchemical Ascension Event:-

In the Genshin potion event, you have to complete various operations such as Concoction, Cultivation, Selling, and Supplies, You progress through the event, enhance the potion qualities, and then on rewards in the game. In this Genshin potion event guide, you have to create portions in a series of quests and activities.

To participate in the event you need to visit a specific in-game location such as Knights Of Favonius Headquarters. Once you participate, then you need to collect various ingredients to make a potion in the game. And by completing this event you will earn rewards that help you to progress for in the game.

Genshin potion event guide

How To Obtain Ingredients To Make Potion In Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension event? 

To obtain the ingredients needed in making the potions Alchemical Ascension event, you have to cultivate them by planting growing, and harvesting at the area in the given location. In this process, you have to arrange and fill the area with potion recipes until it reaches a 100% tuning rate. By this, you can collect the necessary ingredients for potion making.

Choose a Cultivation Area: 

  • You will be given a cultivated area to plant your potion recipes.
  • As your shop expands and makes money, you will be able to unlock other cultivation areas.

Assign an Ingredient to a Cultivation Area: 

  • Various ingredients can be given to different cultivation regions.
  • Replace the given ingredient and the cultivation progress for that area will be reset.

Wait for the plant to mature:

  • Plants require several cultivation cycles to reach maturity.
  • You can track your cultivation progress in the Operations Handbook.
  • Once mature, they can be harvested to make potions.

Seeds and Farming:

  • To collect seeds for farming, complete the World Quest “The Art of Horticulture” and unlock the Seed Dispensary.
  • Purchase land plots from Tubby at the Realm Depot to make an open field perfect for farming.

Genshin potion event guide


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