Andantes Exploradores Helldivers 2 Complete Guide Latest 2024

There are numerous distinct opponent kinds in the cooperative PvE extraction shooter Helldivers 2, many of which you might need to eliminate in order to finish particular tasks. One such task, which may be challenging for you if you’re not too comfortable facing off against automatons, is the current one that requires players to learn about Andantes Exploradores Helldivers 2.  If you have low numbers on your side, they might quickly overwhelm you when they are in large numbers.

Andantes Exploradores Helldivers 2 Complete Guide Latest 2024

Therefore, unless these individuals are in large numbers or have the support of several other troops, it is not advisable to waste too much firepower and resources on them. However, armed with the appropriate tools and information, you may either avoid Andantes Exploradores altogether or eliminate them before they pose a threat. Andantes Exploradores Helldivers 2, as you have probably seen, are essentially just bipedal robots driven by feeble automatons. 

Andantes Exploradores Helldivers 2

Make the most of this for your benefit. If you manage to get a shot at it before it notices you, you may quickly take out the automaton pilot by positioning yourself to aim at it. Striders are often a low-threat adversary that may be fooled by their seeming simplicity if you position yourself correctly. Therefore, unless these individuals are in large numbers or have the support of several other troops, it is not advisable to waste too much firepower and resources on them.

It may be quite difficult to take down a Scout Strider from the front, especially at lower levels, if they have noticed you. Although you will have a chance to shoot the pilot’s head as it rises to the surface, this is a very difficult shot to make, particularly considering Andantes Exploradores Helldivers 2 realistic aiming mechanics and the pandemonium that frequently makes precise aiming difficult during firefights.

On planets with a red backdrop, players may locate Andantes Exploradores when looking at the Galactic War map. Andantes Exploradores can only emerge when players are playing on Medium difficulty or higher. Over time, players will come across Andantes Exploradores as they patrol around enemy bases on the red-background planets. Which are rife with automaton-type adversaries. Compared to other automatons in the game, Andantes Exploradores have a very distinct appearance.

Andantes Exploradores Helldivers 2 Complete Guide Latest 2024

How to use Andantes Exploradores Helldivers 2

They look like the Star Wars Imperial AT-ST and are three times taller than the typical gamer. Additionally, robots control Andantes Exploradores mostly from the vehicle’s exposed backside. By ambushing the robot that controls the vehicle from behind or by hurling explosives at them. Players can eliminate Andantes Exploradores. 

Destroying the robot that drives the enormous truck is the simplest method of eliminating Andantes Exploradores Helldivers 2. These Andantes Exploradoress are very protective up front, but the pilot is exposed at the back and can be damaged. Once players figure out the best angle to fire them from, the pilot quickly runs out of health. Due to their strike range, it might be challenging to get behind any Scout Strider while avoiding oncoming assaults.

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