Corrupted Weapons Remnant 2: How To Get?

In this article, we will discuss Corrupted Weapons Remnant 2. We will tell you how you can original weapons back if you corrupted them. As we know Aberration Domination is going to release this year, which is to celebrate the recent update that features the cross-platform option in Remnant 2.

Players have requested a cross-play feature since the game was released and finally, the developer rolled out the new patch that lets players team up with any platform. Aberration Domination also brings 5 corrupted weapons and this time you can get it with your friends from different platforms.

Corrupted Weapons Remnant 2

Corrupted Weapons Remnant 2 Aberrations:-

The new Aberration Domination event drinks many new aberrations in the game that you can randomly spawn while exploring the world of Remnant 2. Part 2 of the event will be available for only a week from 29 February to 5th March 2024. And this event will spawn various new aberrations in the game.

During this limited period, the spawn rate of these new aberrations will increase. However, they will continue to spawn even after the Aberration Domination event expires. You have an opportunity to farm corrupted shards which can be used to craft new corrupted weapons in Remnant 2.

Corrupted Weapons Remnant 2

Corrupted Weapons In Remnant 2:-

The corrupted weapon remnants are the unique weapons or we can say the improved version of weapons. You cannot find these features in their original versions. There are five new corrupted weapons in Remnant 2, available for players from Long Guns to shotguns. These new corrupted weapons in Remnant 2 are equipped with their unique weapon mode.

  • Corrupted Aphelion
  • Corrupted Deceit
  • Corrupted Merciless
  • Corrupted Meridian
  • Corrupted Rune Pistol

Also, Aberration Domination is available to some worlds or regions. It can take place at any location in the game and in which you can find enemies.

Corrupted Weapons Remnant 2

How To Get Corrupted Weapons in Remnant 2?

You can obtain Corrupted Weapons Remnant 2 through various methods. You can trade with a new currency called corrupted shards. These corrupted shards are drops from Aberrations during the event. You have to collect 10 corrupted shards if you want to get Corrupted Weapons in Remnant 2.

You have to trade the new currency with Dwell, who is the charge of corrupted weapons trading. To do trade you will need the original weapon also, once you have both then you can go to the Dwell to start your trade. And make sure will get the corrupted weapon of the same level that you trade.


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