Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired Complete Guide Latest 2024

Investigations are unique missions that expect players to investigate various areas, find pieces of information, and tackle secrets. In this Article you will know all about Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired. One of the investigation missions in Skull and Bones is Death Mark Expired, which involves the puzzling vanishing of a privateer team. Moreover, to finish the mission players need to go to the Reef Ocean and annihilate the Imperial Louis. 

Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired Complete Guide Latest 2024

Death Mark Expired is an investigation mission that is opened subsequent to completing the main mission Satan’s Trick. Besides, it is where players need to infiltrate an English stronghold and take a significant guide. The guide prompts a fortune concealed by a privateer named Caradec, who was supposed to have sold out his group with the plunder. 

Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired

The mission begins with a letter from Scurlock, a privateer chief who recruits the player to find out what has been going on with Caradec. Besides, Scurlock furnishes the player with a duplicate of the guide and a few pieces of information to follow. The guide shows an area called Reef Ocean, Red Isle, where Caradec’s boat, the Illustrious Louis, was most recently seen. 

In like manner, the player needs to venture out to this area and search for indications of the boat and its group. The guide additionally shows a X blemish on the Illustrious Cemetery, a station on the Red Isle, where the fortune is covered. To finish Death Mark Expired, the player needs to follow these means. Go to Reef Ocean, Red Isle, and search for the Illustrious Louis. 

Notwithstanding, the boat is watched by an English watch, so the player needs to one or the other battle or sneak past them. The player can likewise utilize the spyglass to filter the region and distinguish the boat. The player needs to sink the boat and board it to gather its items, which include a few gold, supplies, and a fortune map. Besides, the fortune map is equivalent to the one Scurlock gave, however for certain extra subtleties and hints. 

Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired Complete Guide Latest 2024

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Regal Louis, Go to the Red Isle and annihilate the Illustrious Louis. The player needs to sail toward the western shoreline of the Red Isle, where the station is found. Besides, the player can moor the boat and go aground to look for the fortune. The player needs to utilize the pieces of information on the fortune guide to find the specific place where the fortune is covered. Similarly, the hints include a drawing of a cross and a staff. 

The player needs to search for a cross and a staff close to a palm plant, where the fortune is set apart by a yellow light. Essentially, the player needs to uncover the fortune, which is a chest containing a lot of gold and a letter from Caradec. Additionally, there are a few other investigation missions that the player can take on, each with its own story, pieces of information, and prizes.

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