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Use EMP Stealth Camo Fortnite Challenge: Solid Snake Quest Guide!

Use EMP Stealth Camo Fortnite: Fortnite Solid Snake Quest is a fun and unique way to test your stealth skills in the game. In the Fortnite Solid Snake Quest Guide, you have to complete and unlock the solid snakeskin and Metal Gear solid cosmetics.

The Quest is very interesting and has many challenges that offer you awesome rewards. In this article, we will tell you how to Use EMP Stealth Camo Fortnite. It is one of the challenges of Solid Snake Quest, which we will complete in this article. Along with we will also see all Fortnite Solid Snake Quest guides.

Use EMP Stealth Camo Fortnite

How To Use EMP Stealth Camo Fortnite?

The EMP stealth camo is a very useful item in the game, it makes you completely invisible for a short period. But you cannot attack other players while you are invisible. And it also stops you from switching weapons when EMP Stealth Camo is active.

And when it disables you will unleash an EMP effect that will damage your opponent’s Shield and stop all nearby vehicles. You can find it on the ground or from Solid Snake for 100 gold bars if you want to get it.

Use EMP Stealth Camo Fortnite

To Use EMP Stealth Camo Fortnite, you can follow the steps given below:

  1. First, get the EMP Stealth Camo from your inventory.
  2. Then activate it with the “shoot” button.
  3. Once you activate it move around at full speed and jump and slide as normal.

All Fortnite Solid Snake Quest Guide:-

Fortnite Solid Snake Quest Guide of challenges that you have to complete to unlock the solid snake’s skin. These challenges are divided into two pages, Page 1 quests, and Page 2 quests. You have to complete four page 1 quests to unlock the Solid Skin Outfit and Page 2 quests. And when you complete the page to quests you will unlock Solid Snake, ‘s Old Snake Style.

Page 1:

  • Hide in a Cardboard Box for 10 seconds – Lying in Wait loading screen
  • Deal 250 damage to opponents within 10 meters – Stun Knife pickaxe
  • Deal 50 damage to opponents with explosives – Solid Profile spray
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents with assault rifles – Emote
  • Break 2 security cameras or turrets – ! banner icon
  • Complete 4 Page 1 quests – Solid Snake skin

Use EMP Stealth Camo Fortnite

Page 2:

  • Deal 2500 damage to opponents with a weapon that has a suppressor – Tactical Advantage loading screen
  • Use EMP Stealth Camo 3 times – Metal Gear Mk. II back bling
  • Use a hiding spot in 5 different matches – Hidden? emoticon
  • Assist in opening 3 vaults or hack 3 train heist chests – Slider glider
  • Damage 10 different enemy players before they damage you – Snake Skin Wrap.


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