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Arknights x Signature KOI Collab: Start Form 19th January!

Arknights x Signature KOI Collab happened from January 19th to January 31st in 2024. The collaboration is happening to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Arknights. This is very good news for both fans of ArKnights and Signature KOI.

We know that it will bring many new things to the game including new On-Site Events, Themes Exclusive Rewards, and many new challenges. Here in this article, we will give a full walk-through of what will happen in the Arknights x Signature KOI collaboration.

We will share with you what rewards and items you will get in this collab. And I will also share what I feel about Arknights x Signature KOI. Now without any further daily let’s drive into the article and not all about the collaboration.

Arknights x Signature KOI Collab

Arknights x Signature KOI Collab: What Is Going To Happen?

From 19th January to 31st January, four Signature kOI stories will be turned into Arknights themed. This will also include various on-site Events in Arknights x Signature KOI Collaboration. The Arknights x Signature KOI is inviting players to visit Signature KOI. Some players are saying that the collaboration will be great and the mix of bubble tea is nice.

Unfortunately, we did not know much about this collaboration, as the officials haven’t announced any future events in it but they shared some of the images to give us a hint. In this image, they will set up a campaign that gives you many free rewards and redeem quotes that you can use in the game.

The campaign location is in Singapore. There will be two campaigns, In Campaign 01, you will receive customers’ cup sleeves, Cup holders and Arknights x Signature KOI redeem codes with any freshly made drink. This Arknights x Signature KOI redeem code includes LMD*20000, Skill Summary -3*3, and Strategic Battle Record*3.

Campaign 02 will receive a full set of Chibi Character Standee, Chibi Character Puffy Sticker, and Collaboration Memorial Card with any 2 freshly made drinks at a one-time purchase. However, these gifts are very limited and available while the supplies last.


Arknights x Signature KOI Collab

Arknights x Signature KOI Collab – Amiya’s Dedicated Gift:-

You have a chance to get Amiya’s Dedicated gift from 19th January to 25th January 2024. Each player can participate only once in Amiya’s Dedicated Gift. To participate in Amiya’s Dedicated Gift follow these steps.

Show your Arknights in-game interface and UID at the counter to receive a FREE Arknights-macaron. It is limited to 200 servings per day at each location.

Receive a FREE Arknights-cold brew tea when wearing any cosplay accessories and/or clothing with distinctive Arknights elements. It is limited to 100 servings per day at each location.

Arknights x Signature KOI Collab

Arknights x Signature KOI Collab Terms And Conditions:-

There are some terms and conditions to get all these exclusive gifts in campaign 01 and campaign 02. All campaigns are limited on-site orders at 4 locations and will not come by with other promotions. When the campaign happens, all customized cups leave Cup holders redemption codes, rewards, and other giveaways will only be available for limited quantities.

Which means whoever comes first will get the rewards. And for the Arknights x Signature KOI redeem code, it will only read once. This means that each account can only redeem one code for the event.


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