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Salacia Plain Treasure Area 2 Genshin Impact Complete Guide

The Salacia Plain, nestled within the vast and enchanting world of Genshin Impact, presents an exquisite canvas for avid treasure hunters. Venture into the realm of Treasure Area 2, a captivating segment of the Lost Riches event, where Elemental Traces and buried chests await discovery. Therefore in this comprehensive article we are going to discuss all about the Salacia Plain Treasure Area 2 Genshin Impact Genshin Impact.

Salacia Plain Treasure Area 2 Genshin Impact Complete Guide

This guide is your compass through this picturesque landscape, ensuring you navigate every nook and cranny to claim the bountiful rewards concealed beneath the earth. Before embarking on your treasure hunt, ensure you have successfully completed the Lost Riches event quest, acquiring the indispensable Treasure Compass.

Genshin Impact Salacia Plain

Initiate your journey at the waypoint situated on the western side of the Salacia Plain. Progress eastward, guided by the Treasure Compass, until you reach a quaint tree near a ruin. Activate the Treasure Compass to locate the Elemental Trace near the tree. Delve in the earth at the tree’s base, revealing the first chest and initiating your treasure hunt triumphantly.

Continue your expedition eastwards from the first chest, approaching a house adorned with a thatched roof. The Treasure Compass will guide you to the Elemental Trace within the house, positioned on the ground floor near the back wall. Dig at the marked spot to unearth the second chest, adding to your growing collection of treasures.

Depart from the house and navigate southward, reaching a rock arch formation. Discover the Elemental Trace behind the arch, perilously close to the cliff’s edge. Exercise caution as you dig for the chest, ensuring you don’t succumb to the allure of gravity. Head west from the rock arch, progressing towards a fractured bridge. The Elemental Trace will be conspicuously placed on the broken bridge, towards the middle.

Salacia Plain Treasure Area 2 Genshin Impact

Glide to the platform below, uncovering the chest hidden amidst the remnants of the bridge. Conclude your journey by heading north from the broken bridge, leading you to a majestic waterfall. The Elemental Trace waits behind the cascade, perched on a small ledge. Utilize the powers of an Anemo character to create a wind current, reaching the ledge and revealing the final chest.

Upon successfully uncovering all five chests in Treasure Area 2, return to the event NPC to claim your hard-earned rewards. These rewards encompass Primogems, Mora, and various other precious items that will undoubtedly enrich your Genshin Impact experience. If Elemental Traces prove elusive, enlist the aid of characters with Elemental Sight abilities, such as Lisa or Zhongli, to illuminate their locations.

Harness the power of the Teyvat Interactive Map for precise chest locations, ensuring no treasure remains undiscovered. Thoroughly explore the entirety of the Salacia Plain, as hidden surprises beyond the event’s scope may await your discovery. The Salacia Plain is not solely a treasure trove; it harbors various challenges and activities, including puzzles, adversaries, and valuable materials.

Salacia Plain Treasure Area 2 Genshin Impact Complete Guide

To Conclude

Dedicate time to explore this captivating locale, immersing yourself in its breathtaking scenery and unearthing the myriad secrets it holds. May this guide serve as your faithful companion on the journey to unravel the treasures of the Salacia Plain. Happy hunting, fellow adventurer! Should you have further inquiries regarding Genshin Impact or the Lost Riches event, feel free to seek guidance. 

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