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Treasure Area 1 Seelie Locations Lost Riches Event Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Lost Riches event has once again descended upon the fantastical realm of Teyvat, beckoning adventurers with promises of hidden treasures, whimsical Seelie, and a trove of bountiful rewards. Therefore in this article we are going to discuss all about Treasure Area 1 Seelie Locations Lost Riches Event Genshin Impact.

Treasure Area 1 Seelie Locations Lost Riches Event Genshin Impact

For those intrepid souls venturing into Treasure Area 1, nestled within the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi, the journey to uncovering its secrets. Particularly the enigmatic Seelie, can be a daunting task. Fear not, fellow treasure hunters, for this guide is your compass, leading you through the intricate labyrinth of clues to unveil all three Seelie locations. 

Treasure Area 1 Seelie Locations

In this mystical region and guiding you towards the coveted Senchest and precious Primogems. Embark on your expedition to the southernmost part of Treasure Area 1, adjacent to the teleportation waypoint nestled amidst ancient ruins. A small opening, inconspicuous but crucial, awaits your keen eye. Ascend the cliff face following the Seelie’s playful trajectory, deftly navigating through the narrow passage. 

Embrace the essence of exploration; climbing is the key to unlocking the mysteries of this Seelie. Upon reaching a platform adorned with a Pyro torch, ignite the flame, unveiling a hidden passage. Venture forth, remaining in tandem with the Seelie until it gracefully settles, rewarding your endeavors with the first coveted Senchest fragment. Embark on a southeastern journey from Seelie 1, tracing a path towards a picturesque body of water. 

The Seelie, resembling a fleeting Water Sprite, frolics around a mesmerizing waterfall. Its ethereal path unfolds as you activate Hydro Mimics discreetly tucked along the water’s edge. Spy glowing rocks near the pool and invoke Hydro attacks to reveal the Mimics. A ballet of combat ensues, as you defeat the Mimics to collect Water Orbs coveted by the Seelie. Witness as it gracefully ascends to a distant platform, summoning a pressure plate. 

Treasure Area 1 Seelie Locations Lost Riches Event Genshin Impact

Step upon this plate to unlock yet another hidden passage, unveiling the second Senchest fragment awaiting your triumphant grasp. Chart a course northward from Seelie 2, ascending to the zenith of a dilapidated bridge overlooking a lush valley. The Wind Wanderer, a playful sprite carried by the breeze, becomes your celestial guide. Engage the elemental prowess of Anemo characters such as Kazuha or Xiao. 

Creating updrafts to chase the Seelie’s playful path through the skies. The journey unfolds, leading you to three Anemo Totems scattered amidst the ruins. Invoke the power of Anemo to activate each Totem, conjuring wind currents that beckon you onward. Ride these currents in pursuit of the Seelie, tracing its flight until it gracefully alights, gifting you the final Senchest fragment and unlocking the Seelie Trial a gateway to even greater treasures.

Having secured all three Senchest fragments, return to the genesis of your journey near the southernmost teleportation waypoint. There, an awaiting treasure chest will reveal itself, bestowing upon you not only the anticipated Senchest but also a bounty of Primogems and other treasures. As you embark on this illustrious Seelie hunt, consider the following additional tips to enhance your quest.

Treasure Area 1 Seelie Locations Lost Riches Event Genshin Impact

To Conclude

Bring characters with corresponding elements (Pyro, Hydro, Anemo) to seamlessly interact with the Seelie and conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Equip the Treasure Compass, a handy gadget provided by the ever-helpful Katheryne, to effortlessly locate hidden treasures throughout the area. Above all, relish the adventure, savor the exploration, and immerse yourself in the enchantment of the Lost Riches event.

Armed with this comprehensive guide, the once-mysterious Seelie of Treasure Area 1 will no longer elude you. Forge ahead, valiant adventurers, and claim the riches that await within the hallowed confines of Treasure Area 1. Time is of the essence during the Lost Riches event, so waste not a moment commence your Seelie hunt today and unveil the wonders that await you.

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