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MLBB Starlight January 2024: New Skin, Pass And More!

Mlbb Starlight January 2024: 2023 is going to be in 2 days and I know that all of you are wondering what will be the MLB Starlight January 2024 skin. Don’t worry in this article we will give you all the information that MLBB Starlight January 2024 offers to all the players.

Also, tell you some additional things that the January 2024 starlight pass will offer you in Mobile Legend Bang Bang. This means This article is going to be interesting and informative for all of you so don’t leave in between.

Mlbb Starlight January 2024

What Mlbb Starlight January 2024 Pass Will Offer You?

The MLBB Starlight January 2024 pass will offer you a new skin along with other rewards. The new skin will be the main center of this MLBB starlight in January 2024. Players are eagerly waiting for the new skin and want to use it in the game.

We will tell you the skin later in this article but right now let’s see what other reward we will get in January 2024 MLBB Starlight. In this starlight pass, we will also get another reward like Starlight Avatar Borders, Exclusive Graffiti, Special Killing Notification and Chat Bubbles, Starlight-exclusive name color, and 10% extra EXP and 5% extra BP for every match played.

What Will Be The Next Mlbb Starlight January 2024 Skin?

On 27 December 2023, Mobile Legend Bang Bang sheared a tweet on their Twitter account sharing the next skin in Mlbb Starlight January 2024. In this Tweet, they told Bruno’s “Street Hype” skin is a Starlight exclusive for January 2024 and it will arrive on the first of January 2024. If you talk about Bruno’s “Street Hype it is a vibrating and stylish Marksman Hero.

This is a perfect skin for the player who wants to show their love to both mobile legends and streetball. Bruno Treat is visual football care for trendy Street ball get up. He wears a black and white Jersey with orange accents baggy shots with a height of sneakers.

You will get Bruno’s “Street Hype skin for around 500 star light James which you can earn various engine activities and challenges you can purchase directly from the store. There will be a special event or a bundle that may be released with this skin so you will get the skin in the Mlbb Starlight January 2024 special event.

Mlbb Starlight January 2024

Mlbb Starlight January 2024 Pass:-

Mlbb Starlight January 2024 pass will cost you according to their package. There are two Mlbb Starlight January 2024 passes, the first is a basic starlight pass and the second is an upgraded starlight pass.

The basic starlight pass will cost you 300 diamonds which provides you 6000 diamonds worth of rewards. This means you will get a potential profit of 5700 diamonds In basic starlight passes in January 2024.

But if you choose the upgraded starlight pass it will cost you 450 diamonds which will give you special rewards along with some basic past rewards. However, in this upgraded starlight pass we will get less special reward as it will give less 12,00 diamonds.

Mlbb Starlight January 2024


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