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How to Counter CICI in MLBB Latest 2024

How to Counter CICI in MLBB? Here is the article about How to Counter CICI in MLBB. Know more about How to Counter CICI in MLBB, Please read this article. And more gaming updates please visit Gaming Acharya. It is your responsibility to protect or heal them, to tank some damage, or to give your life in order to preserve the lives of others.

How to Counter CICI in MLBB Latest 2024

The release for Cici in MLBB has been revealed by Moonton Games. Fighter Heroes in the Land of Dawn are not known for their durability in combat, but the buoyant performer will prove this. Additionally, with the current Fighter meta, her mobility speed might help you get a lot of kills. Since each season in the game is known to run for three months, the seasons will change in the game every three months, as shown by the notification in game.

How to Get CICI in MLBB

Cici, who plays a talented role in MLBB, enjoys showing off her abilities on the pitch. With every basic assault, she will produce Delight, which will assist her in gaining movement speed and strengthening her talents. Use any of her talents, especially the first one, to increase your damage output when her enjoyment bar is full. The support role’s responsibility is to assist and shield allies in need. 

Using her yo-yo, Cici may launch a series of assaults against the closest foe. During the early game, she becomes unstoppable since she may utilize her other talents while using this sequence of movements, which can be repeated up to 10 times in a row, which depletes the opponent’s HP. Hajime Isayama is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Shingeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan.

In addition, when her passive Delight Metre (stacks) reach their maximum, the damage caused is doubled. Cici can move around because of her second talent. She takes off for her goal, landing on an adversary or jungle creature to get an extra jump. This enables her to maneuver gracefully and harm the enemy.

How to Counter CICI in MLBB Latest 2024

How to Counter CICI in MLBB

Before the adversary even knows what hit them, you may dispatch them by jumping on them from the bushes and using her First Skill in midair. Counter CICI in MLBB. How you can get it is easy in this article. You have to Read this article completely to get it. Top-tier MLBB player Cici links two opponent champions together with her yo-yo to do massive damage to both of them at once.

If there is just one target in her range, this damage is doubled. Build up her Delight Metre by using basic attacks on foes and minions to do maximum damage. The match is typically determined by playing multiple games because the individual maps or games are short. Furthermore, wagering on Mobile Legends matches allows you to wager on each and every game.

To do the most damage and to deter adversaries from fleeing, use her first and second skills, respectively. When you unlock her ultimate, you may take part in team battles and connect two opposing heroes at once to eliminate them. Yoyo is thrown by Cici towards the closest opponent in range, where it locks onto them for 3.5 seconds, striking them up to ten times with damage equal to 50 + 4 (+0,0)% of the target’s maximum health with each hit.

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