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Apophasis Destiny 2: Mission To Retrieve Riven’s Egg!

Apophasis Destiny 2 is a thrilling and challenging mission introduced in Season 23: Season Of The Wish. The Apophasis Mission Destiny 2 isn’t a simple Quest like others, it is a grand finale of the Season Of Wish. It will test your guardian’s skills and courage in all his multi-objective tasks.

Set on a journey to complete all the challenges and get excellent rewards after defeating all the enemies in the challenge. Here in this article, we will give you a detailed walkthrough of Apophasis Mission Destiny 2. And also guide you to complete the mission by giving you step-by-step instructions till the last. Now let’s start the article without any delay.

Apophasis Destiny 2

Apophasis Destiny 2: Mission To Retrieve Riven’s Egg:-

Apophasis Destiny 2 is the final of the season’s main questline wishing all the best, set into a mysterious journey that forces them to retrieve Riven’s egg. The Revin’s egg is an important component for the guardians against the darkness. And here in this Apophasis Destiny 2, they have to retrieve it from the Bigg Boss after completing many objectives.

The objectives are not easy as you have to complete a total of three objectives whereas the final one is to defeat the Centroidal Mind. Once you defeat the Centroidal Mind you will get Riven’s egg as a reward.

Apophasis Destiny 2

How To Complete The Apophasis Mission In Destiny 2?

To complete the Apophasis Mission in Destiny 2, you have to complete three objectives which is not easy for you. Here is a step-by-step guide that help you to complete all the objectives quickly.

Objective 1: Escape The Trapped World:

First, you have to enter the Riven’s Lair, to do this you have to progress through all the missions until you reach the trapped word within the Riven’s Lair.

Then find the shimmering plates. Search the environment carefully for 3 shimmering circular plates on the ground. They can be hidden in corners or behind any objects.

Once you find all the plates the next step is to activate them. Step on each of the three plates once at a time. By doing this it will trigger them and build an exit portal for you.

Once all three plates are activated the exit portal will fully form. Then enter the portal to escape The trapped world and continue the mission.

Objective 2: Release And Defeat The Imprisoned Orge:

  • Once you reach the imprisoned Orge, you have to clear the area. This means eliminating all the enemies surrounding the Orge’s imprisoned cell.
  • After clearing the area find the Arc- Cranium which is placed in the same room. To be specific it is located near a specific landmark or on a high platform.
  • Once you find the Arc-Cranium, then the next step is to destroy the Vex Nodes. To do this you have to aim the Arc-Cranium at all four white floating Vex Nodes that surround the cell. A great way to destroy it is by weakening the cell structures.
  • Once the four Nodes are destroyed the Orge will be free from the cell. You have to defeat the Orge to progress in the next step of the Apophasis Mission Destiny 2.

Objective 3: Defeat The Centroidal Mind:

  • It is the final objective of the Apophasis Mission in Destiny 2.
  • The first thing you have to do is to find the catacombs in the mission area.
  • Then navigate through the catacombs and find a portal where you can escape from it.
  • When you exit the portal you will reach close to the Riven’s Egg.
  • Once you find the Riven’s Egg, activate it by interacting. Once it is activated it will someone the Centroidal Mind which is the Big Boss of this Apophasis Destiny 2.
  • Centroidal mind is very powerful and you will need to coordinate with your team to focus fire on the bosses shield. Do it with focus and you will rapidly deplete the shield and make him weak.
  • Once The Shield is down, then unleash a full aerial attack and put all of your abilities to defeat him.

Apophasis Destiny 2

Repeat the process until you defeat the centroidal mind. Continue to deplete he is Shield and give a full blow of aerial weapons to deal huge damage on him. Once the boss is defeated you will complete the Apophasis Mission.


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