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MLBB Season 30 End Date: Start Date Of Season 31!

MLBB Season 30 End Date, MLBB Season 30 was released on September 24th 2023, and brings, a fresh start with a rank reset. We are giving everyone a chance to claim the ladder. It also introduced us to new heroes and gave us exciting rewards to keep us excited throughout the season. But now MLB season 30 is going to be soon.

And the new season is going to start after that. MLBB Season 31 will start after Season 30 and bring many exciting features heroes and rewards for us. But the catch is that we don’t know the start date of MLBB Season 31. So I am about to share some details about the MLBB Season 30 end date and MLBB Season 31 start date. We will also see a quick recap of MLBB Season 30.

MLBB Season 30 End Date

What Is The MLBB Season 30 End Date?

The MLBB Season 30 is expected to and on January 2024 but the date is not specific as there is no official announcement about it. But it should end in January, as this is a speculation according to the previous start date and end dates. Players speculate that season 30 will end in the first month of 2024.

This season gives us many new heroes and exciting rewards and also helps us to improve our skills and experience by completing difficult challenges. The MLBB Season 30 also gives players a chance to level up in the game.

MLBB Season 30 End Date

What Is The MLBB Season 31 Start Date?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the answer to this question, as there is no official confirmation on the exact starting date of MLB season 31. The developer of the game didn’t give any leaks about it. But mobile legends usually enjoy a short break of 2 to 3 weeks between every season. This allows all players to upcoming calendar in the new season, so they can introduce long season breaks between these major updates.

However, if we consider the current and date of MLBB season 30 then we can guess the start date. Season 31 could start sometime in and of January 2024. But if they give a long break between the seasons then the date should shift to mid-February 2024 or even later.

MLBB Season 30 End Date


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