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BGMI FB Login Problem: Fix BGMI Facebook Login Problem in Seconds!

BGMI FB Login Problem: Recently a new bug is found in BGMI where users or the gamers are facing the issue while login into BGMI. This issue is faced in recent times when Facebook login failed in BGMI.

How to Resolve “app not active this app is not accessible BGMI” Issue? BGMI failed to login Facebook issue is not a server error that might get corrected or normal or gets resolved if you try and retry on it again and over again. In fact, the Facebook login issue can be said to be an update error from their side.

BGMI FB Login Problem: BGMI Facebook Login Problem Is an Error or Is Your Device Glitch?

If It would be a device glitch, then surely it should be a problem for just one or two but as it is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed and resolved at the earliest then surely it must be an issue for many and that clearly implies that it is not a device or any kind or type of glitch from your side, does that means that this issue is not going to resolve sooner.

How Is the Facebook BGMI FB Login Problem Issue Caused?

BGMI FB Login Problem

Facebook login issue in BGMI is a recent bug that the users face and the credit of this failure or minor glitch would specify the issue more clearly goes to the developer of this game.

Yes, you heard it right. You can relax and breathe out as it is not your fault and neither your internet’s issue. Next is the obvious question of we have got to know that it is a mistake of the developer and so we need not worry but now what we need to do to log in through Facebook. BGMI facebook login error can get resolved in a moment if you use this trick or way for login.

But What is the trick!

App Not Setup This App Still in Development Mode: How to Resolve BGMI login Problem with Facebook?

BGMI FB Login Problem

You can try to log in normally to BGMI using login with Facebook available there on the homepage of the game itself. If it does then the issue is resolved then and there, If not try to log in with the play games option or with the Twitter account (if you have one).

If it seems easy for you if you have no other remedy or alternative available for logging in to the game and you only have one Facebook option to enter in the game then you still have two options here for the same.

Final Solution for all BGMI related Problem till its get Unbanned Officially

So, we finally found a solution for this issue that is you have to uninstall the previous BGMI app from your phone. Once you are done with it please download the BGMI 3.1 APK and OBB file from the below links. We are sharing both formats APK and OBB and also will let you know the process to copy-paste it without any issue.

Now, once you are done with downloading and installing with above APK. You have to copy and paste the OBB file to Android>obb>com.pubg.imobile folder.

As we know above android 11, all new versions don’t allow direct access to this path. So, as we have promised will let you know the solution to it too. Even this thing you can find it on the YouTube video for your ease but still, we will let you know how to copy and paste OBB of BGMI 3.1 in Android folder.

Step-1: First of all we need an APK to make this step easy. Download ZArchiver from Play Store.

Step-2: Once, installed open it and allow the permission of storage to make it work. After that goto Android>OBB and it will ask for permissions. Just allow the permission and you will also see an option “Use this Folder” Click on that and now you can use this path in Zarchiver for copy-pasting too.

Step-3: Goto Download folder where obb file has been downloaded earlier. Copy it and paste it to this path: Android>>obb>>com.pubg.imobile

After this, you were able to fix this issue without any problems. Log in to the game with your facebook account and it will work like magic. If you still find any issue feel free to contact us or drop comment.

Best Methods to Resolve the BGMI FB Login Problem:

Failed to login BGMI

One, You can either make use of any one of the VPNs available on the internet and then try to login into the game using Facebook.

Personally, If I would have logged myself out of BGMI and if I would be asked to log in using Facebook and such is the case I would have used VPN name which is very user-friendly and is very easy and convenient to go through and using it is everyone’s task.

So my suggestion would be to download and install this VPN or any other VPN which may suit your need or your device’s demand and then can work accordingly and try to log in once using Facebook.

The second solution for this is to go on the setting option available in the top right corner of the login page and click on the routine repair option. After that, an update of 25-30 MB starts to download then your issue is resolved.

If not then they have informed through a notice on their official website that this issue has been looked into. And they have already started on it which means either this issue is resolved on your side or an update of 20-30 MB would be installed very soon.

So just wait they are working on it and the issue has already been resolved for many of its users if you are still facing BGMI login failed Facebook then it would be resolved within a day or two.

My advice would be to those who have logged in don’t dare to log in and lock yourself out.

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