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Investigate Stolen Present Stashes Fortnite: Winterfest Quest 2023!

Investigate stolen present stashes Fortnite is a winterfest quest in Battle Royal chapter 5. In this challenge, you have to find the stolen present status from various locations. The winter fest quests are introduced to celebrate the Christmas festival with the players. Players must complete a small Quest and exclusive rewards and XP in the game.

In this article, we will see how to complete the Investigate stolen present stashes Fortnite challenge. We will delve deep into the challenge and guide you to complete the quest. So without any further delay let’s dive into the information.

Investigate stolen present stashes Fortnite

Investigate Stolen Present Stashes Fortnite: Location:-

In Investigate stolen present stashes Fortnite, you must find a stolen present status from the specific locations. You must investigate three stolen presents dash from different locations then you will be able to complete this quest. You can Investigate stolen present stashes in the following location which is given below:

  1. Inside the Pleasant Piazza Ship It! Station warehouse.
  2. Hazy Hillside, underneath the large Christmas tree and in the crackshot’s cabin.
  3. Grand Glacier, inside the large building underneath the tree.

However, there are another 5 possible locations for stolen present stashes.

  • Crackshot’s Cabin Attic
  • Sleepy Sound Lighthouse Attic
  • Logjam Lumberyard Office
  • Craggy Cliffs Ski Lodge Basement

I also recommend you all this location if you are looking for more locations. So visit this location also if you want.

Investigate stolen present stashes Fortnite

How To Complete Investigate Stolen Present Stashes?

To complete the Quest you have to visit ship it! Express location then you have to investigate any three stolen present stashes. Then you have to visit the crackpot cabin when the floating loot Island appears. Remember that the timing of floating Loot Island is usually during the night or twilight so don’t waste your time waiting in the daytime. After that, you have to talk to Holiday Boxy about the stolen boxes he will tell you about the stolen boxes. You will find Holiday Boxy inside the foundation statue at the Daily Bugle.

Investigate stolen present stashes Fortnite


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