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Rocket League Challenges Not Working: How To Fix It?

Rocket League challenges not working: Is it just me, or are all Rocket League players having problems with their challenges?. The problem with challenges in the game had started recently and all players are affected by it full stop they are not able to get rewards or challenges to play. We don’t know the actual reason behind it but it is not fixed yet.

Here in this article, we will go to see why Rocket League challenges not working and also try some troubleshoots that may fix this issue. We will guide you in each step by giving step-by-step instructions so if you want to fix the problem then do not skip this article.

Rocket League Challenges not working

Why Rocket League Challenges Not Working?

Rocket League challengers test your skills and offer you rewards such as custom items and drops. The challenges are very important in every game not only in Rocket League because they will make you an experienced or skilled player. In each step the challenges become even harder than before and if you complete the challenges you will get more exclusive rewards.

However, in Rocket League challenges are not working means players are not getting any challenges or rewards in the game. The reason maybe anything just like server issues minimum match time or outdated drive. All these issues are very common and may cause Rocket League challenges issue. However can fix it by Basic trouble if you want to know then continue with the next paragraph.


Rocket League Challenges not Working

How To Fix Rocket League Challenges Not Working Issue? 

I saw some of the Steam discussions where players discussed Rocket League challenges not working. They said that, if you are not receiving XP or challenges in Rocket League then you can try to open a ticket.

And they also said that this is happening to all the Rocket League players so you don’t have to worry about it. If you want to fix this issue then, here are some Basic troubleshoots that will help you to get challenges in Rocket League.

1. Disable Third-Party Apps: 

Try to disable mods or third-party apps from the background. You can also delete the catches from the folder and also check some error messages in the game. Sometimes all these small things may cause big issues like this.

2. Update Your Drive:

Check whether your drive is updated or not. If not then update the NET Framework, DirectX, and your graphics card driver. By doing this you can solve Rocket League challenges not working issue.

3.Run Game As Administrator:

If the above solution doesn’t work then try to run the game as administrator. Check whether this solution works or not.

4. Check The Integrity Of The Game:

You can also verify the integrity of the game files as sometimes these files have some bugs or catches which may cause problems in the game.

5. Disable Overlay: 

And if all this solution didn’t work then try to disable the overlay feature in the game.

Rocket League Challenges Not Working


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