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Quirks Anime Champion Simulator: Best Quirks For Your Champions!

Quirks Anime Champion Simulator: Roblox Anime Champion Simulator is a very popular game that allows players to collect and train their powerful champions from a variety of anime and mangas. And Quirks in Anime Champion Simulator is like a special bonus that can we roll into our champions in the game. All the quirks have their various rarities, they come from common to unique characteristics.

And each of the Anime Champion Simulator quirks will give you a boost in the specific aspects of our Champions performance. We can combine work to get additional benefits for our champions. Just like the Sniper quirk that increases attack range and the Assassin quirk that damages low-health enemies. If you are confused about which work to use for your champion then here we will guide you to get the best work for champions that will be suitable for your playstyle.

Quirks Anime Champion Simulator

Quirks Anime Champion Simulator: Best Quirk For Champions:-

We can Roll Quirks Anime Champion Simulator into Champions by using a Roll Quirk button in the Champion menu. The quirks are also categorized with their rarities, and here are all the quirks that are in the S-Tier.

Black Hole: It is the most powerful quirk in the game as of now. It will give a significant boost to damage critical hits, speeds, and ability charge to your champion. This work has a secret teleport ability which is very useful in the game.

  • 1.5x damage
  • 1.3x critical hit chance
  • 1.5x attack speed
  •  +15 ability charge
  • 3x movement speed

Leprechaun: It is an excellent alternative to Black Hole, a well-roled work that has a balanced buff to damage other champions.

  • 1.1x damage
  • 1.2x luck
  • 1.35x yen
  • 2x movement speed
  • 2x attack speed
  • 0.6x size up

Giant: This Anime Champion Simulator quirk will increase damage critical hit chance critical hit damage and size. But you will get to see the lag-in-moment speed and have limited buffs as compared to other S-Tier quirks.

  • 1.5x damage
  • 1.2x critical hit chance
  • 1.5x critical hit damage
  • 1.75x size up

Archmage: This quirk in Anime Champion Simulator gives sufficient damage to the opponent champions and also increases the damage abilities. However, it is not as impressive as the other S-tier quirks. But it is an excellent option for the players who focus on ability-focused champions.

  • 1.4x damage
  • 1.5x ability damage
  • 20+ ability charge

Quirks Anime Champion Simulator


Quirks Anime Champion Simulator is also as strong as S-Tier, but there are some points where they lack the loss of the S-Tier list.

Thief: This quirk is the best choice for a player who wants to increase their resource gathering and efficiency. By this work, you can also increase attack movement speed which is very beneficial for farming and exploring.

  • 1.25x damage
  • 1.35x drops
  • 2x attack speed
  • 2x movement speed
  • 1.35x yen

Sniper: This quirks Anime Champion Simulator has strong damage buffs, and has a critical hit chance and damage. However, the lack of other abilities such as attack speed and movement speed is holding this quirk from reaching to S-Tier.

  • 1.2x damage
  • 1.6x critical hit chance
  • 2x critical hit damage

Lucky: This Anime Champion Simulator quirk increases the luck and yen for a champion in the game. However, it is not good because it did not make your champion strong enough.

  • 1.05% damage
  • 1.1x luck
  • 1.15x yen

Quirks Anime Champion Simulator


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