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BGMI 3.0 Update Release Date, Rewards, New Updates and More

Rick Li, producer at BGMI, took to the stage at PMGC 2023 to discuss the upcoming update. Li unveiled a number of future plans, as well as a look back on the game’s successes throughout 2023. He also teased some upcoming features with BGMI 3.0 Update. The BGMI team and its dedicated community have come together to transform BGMI into one of the world’s most popular games. 

BGMI 3.0 Update Release Date, Rewards, New Updates and More

In the latest tease Li shared some information about the anticipated BGMI 3.0 Update arriving in January. Li revealed that players will be able to play as futuristic warriors and fight battles with powerful new gear. This news follows on from a recent series of cryptic clues for the BGMI 3.0 Update released on BGMI’s social media channels.

BGMI 3.0 Update Upcoming Leaks

Looking into the future of BGMI, Li mentioned that surprises lie in wait for players as he shared plans for further variations of classic maps, new levels and structures, as well as optimisations for vehicle controls, connectivity and performance. Metro Royale will also be getting a major update. It will introduce a new snow-themed map with tons of supplies, interesting mechanics, a new snowy weather system, and even more new challenging bosses.

BGMI’s World of Wonder, is also soon seeing significant updates with plans to add new home gameplay. This will allow players to design their own little world and invite friends to visit and explore. The team will continue to improve the editor, provide more templates and further lower the barrier to entry for creation. It will also try to bring more people to participate and bring their creative ideas to life.

Li revealed that since launching, World of Wonder has seen over 400,000 Creators join and over 1 million maps published. In addition, the Ptopia Design Project co-creation program has surpassed 500,000 creations this year. To support the growing and highly valued creator community, Li announced that BGMI is investing $100 million worth of resources into the World of Wonder ecosystem and are introducing an incentive plan worth US $10 million in resources.

What will be new in BGMI 3.0 Update Leaks

The baffling new map vows to be a unique advantage. Envision assorted scenes, from snow-covered mountains to thick woods, each offering one of a kind key open doors and difficulties. Ace the map’s design, find stowed away mysteries, and use the landscape for your potential benefit to outfox your adversaries.

The appearance of the X-suits brings another layer of strategic profundity to the front line. Each suit flaunts remarkable capacities, engaging you with upgraded speed, pulverizing capability, or even the capacity to control the climate. Experiment with various X-suits, find their assets and shortcomings, and release their maximum capacity to rule the opposition.

BGMI 3.0 update flaunts a huge visual update, drenching you in a more practical and stunning war zone. From the fastidious subtleties of the climate to the powerful lighting and weather conditions impacts, each perspective is intended to upgrade your ongoing interaction experience. The Gold Investigator Set has been created to express BGMI’s gratitude for their ongoing efforts.

BGMI 3.0 Update Release Date, Rewards, New Updates and More

To Conclude

BGMI’s commitment to combating cheating and improper online behavior continues thanks to the work of the game’s dedicated investigators, who collectively have conducted over one million inspections this year alone. Through a combination of investigators’ due diligence and the implementation of real-time detection technology, Li revealed that 14 million accounts and 350,000 devices have been banned for violations.

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