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Division 2 Winter Project Scavenger Hunt Event: Full Guide!

Division 2 Winter Project Scavenger Hunt is a festival event that offers players a chance to get exclusive rewards and engage in holiday theme activities. Division 2 Winter Project was released yesterday 5 December 2023 and will end on 9th January 2024. The game is accessible for all the players regardless of whether you own any DLC expansions. This is a very cool part of this Winter Project Scavenger Hunt Event in the Division 2 video game.

All the objectives in this event are located in Washington DC which adds a great holiday atmosphere. You can now participate in the Division 2 Winter Project Event and earn rewards by completing the objectives and challenges. In this guide, we will give you a Walkthrough of this Winter Project Scavenger Hunt Event and also guide you on how to participate in the event. The article is going to be interesting so make sure to read the whole article.

Division 2 Winter Project

Division 2 Winter Project Scavenger Hunt Event Objective:-

In the Scavenger Hunt Project, you have to complete a series of objectives which is scattered throughout the area of Washington D.C. the event revolves around Washington D.C., and the objective of this event is designed to engage with a holiday theme element into the gameplay.

It’s all about emerging players in the holiday spirit, The Street of Washington D.C. is transferred with festival decorations and music films in the area. This creates a truly enchanting environment that enhances the overall gameplay experience. After completing each objective you will earn valuable rewards and items including exclusive cosmetics and holiday-themed emotes.

Division 2 Winter Project

How To Participate In The Division 2 Winter Project Scavenger Hunt Event?

Tu participated in the division 2 winter project Scavenger Hunt was very easy and straight. All players can easily access it, Just follow this step-by-step guide to join the festive event.

  • Login to the Division 2
  • Then go to the event menu and find the event section.
  • When you click the event section you will see a Project Scavenger Hunt Event.
  • You will see a full list of events objectives and each objective mark on the map which makes it easy to locate and complete.
  • Select the particular objective that you have to complete and then complete the specific task to fulfill the objectives.

Division 2 Winter Project Event Rewards:-

Completing the objective you will earn exclusive rewards. Reports depend upon the objective or task you complete. Some rewards that included in the Division 2 Winter Project event.

  • Jingle Bell Emote – This emote allows you to Jingle the players by spreading the chairs whenever you go.
  • Santa Hat – This festival is a perfect accessory that includes the spirit of Christmas.
  • Holiday mask – It is a unique mask that will add mystery and intrigue to any Agent attire.

Division 2 Winter Project


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