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Soul Knight Prequel All Bosses – Heroic & Elite Bosses!

Soul Knight Prequel All Bosses are very powerful which is difficult to beat easily. The bosses are very unique and appear in every five levels in most of the dungeons. The bosses are only spawned in special time areas. Even in some versions, the boss’s rooms are indicated by the red entrance. However, when you enter the room it turns normal. You will see two types of bosses heroic and Elite voices and both were very powerful and difficult to beat.

After you defeat a boss in level mode you will get a golden chest as a reward which you can Spawn. Here in this article, we will tell you all Soul Knight Prequel Bosses including all Heroine Bosses and all Elite Bosses. We will tell you the abilities and skills of the Bosses which will help you to make a strategy to defeat them.

Soul Knight Prequel All Bosses

Soul Knight Prequel All Bosses: Heroic Bosses:-

The Heroic Bosses include Varkolyn Leader, Varkolyn Warlock, Varkolyn Rogue, Crimson Witch, Giant Varkolyn, and Final Varkolyn. Before starting let me tell you one thing the game is recently released and is in early access so the bosses may change in the future. We will update this post once we get any new information or updates on Soul Knight Prequel All Heroic Bosses.

Varkolyn Leader – A Switch and Deadly Foe:

It is the first Boss that you will encounter in the game. Varkolyn Leader is a very Swift and agile Boss who attacks you with a flurry of throwing knives. An ability which he can someone Minions who add him in the battles by this it’s hell health is not decreasing any more. If you want to defeat him then your priority is to dodge the knives he throws. Use a water-based attack because he is particularly the Rebel.

Varkolyn Warlock – A Master Of Fire And Minions:

He is a master of fire and Minions who can release a fireball and also summons a portal to bring his subordinates who help him in the battle. Disability is powerful and tricky so to defeat him you have to maintain distance. Use only Earth-based attack as he is week to this power.

Varkolyn Rogue – A Master Of Stealth and Precision:

He is a master of Stealth and Precision in Soul Knight Prequel. In the battle, he uses a combination of quick strikes and stealth attacks to catch you of God in between the battles. So to defeat him you have fast moments of speed and use Air air-based attack as he is vulnerable to these effects.

Crimson Witch – A Mistress Of Dark Magic:

She is a mistress of powerful dark magic in Soul Knight Prequel. She can build varieties of dark magic and attacks by someone in fireballs, lightning bolts, and ice shards. She is a very powerful and difficult enemy to beat so to defeat her you have to use dark-based attacks while invading her deadly spells.

Giant Varkolyn – The Ultimate Test:

This boss is a colossal version of Varkolyn leader in Soul Knight Prequel. He can throw massive knives and also storms in the ground to create a shock wave which makes it difficult to make your balance. To defeat this boss you have to be at a safe distance and also use an Earth-based attack on him as he has a weak point for this power.

The Final Varkolyn – The Ultimate Test:

He is an ultimate Boss who test his skills and strategies by combining their is power of all the previous Bosses which means he can through knife, shoot fireballs, summon Minions, and also use magic attacks. We can say he is a combined form of all Soul Knight Prequel Heroic Bosses. He is very difficult to defeat so if you want to defeat him you have to exploit Ali’s elemental weakness and use a combination of offensive and defensive strategies which will help you a little bit to withstand the battle.

Soul Knight Prequel All Bosses

Soul Knight Prequel All Elite Bosses:-

There are very few Elite Bosses in Soul Knight Prequel. But also I will share with you some of the elite bosses in Soul Knight Prequel. In Soul Knight Prequel All Elite Bosses include Elite Bosses and Elite Varkolyn Trio.

Elite Bosses – A Step Up in Challenge:

It is a very powerful version of its regular counterparts that pose a significant challenge to the or we can say the most skilled enemy in the game. They have enhanced abilities to increase their attack powers and can also be someone strong Minions. They have a strong strategy to win the battles.

The Elite Varkolyn Trio – A Combined Threat:

He is a combination of three Elite bosses including Elite Varkolyn Leader, Elite Varkolyn Warlock, and Elite Varkolyn Rogue. It will give you a great challenge because of the combination of three bosses and alimental weaknesses. So you have to be careful to manage their alimental attacks and use their weakness to win the battle. I suggest you be at the same distance and do their attacks.

Soul Knight Prequel All Bosses


The Soul Knight Prequel All Bosses are very powerful and difficult to beat but they also have some weaknesses that give us an advantage to beat them. Considering my information and utilising them in the battle I am very sure that this will help you to win the golden chest. So by this and my article, I give you all the information I know about Soul Knight Prequel All Heroic Bosses and Soul Knight Prequel All Elite Bosses.

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