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Where To Find Wizard101 Mist Wood? Full Guide On It!

Are you wondering where to find Wizard101 Mist Wood? Missed is a common crafting reagent in the game which is used to create many spell portions and other items. Therefore having Mist Wood is a great advantage for the player who wants to make a spell or portion.

Many players are searching Wizard101 Mist wood but unfortunately, they are unable to find the location of it. But you don’t have to worry about the location as here in this article we will share with you some Wizard101 Mist Wood locations. We will also guide you on how to get Wizard101 Mist wood in the game.

Wizard101 Mist wood

What Is Wizard101 Mist Wood?

As you already know Mist Wood in Wizard101 is a crafting reagent that is used to create different types of spells portions and other items. Talking about its appearance it is a type of wood that looks misty. You can find Wizard101 Mist Wood in various locations such as in grassy areas and most commonly you will get it near trees.

Talking about its uses it is used to create various types of spells such as fireball spell ice bold spell and the healing portion spell.

It is also used in the creation of portions including the fire Shield portion I should portion and the healing portion. Along with this, it is also used in making other items such as Robe of Mist, Mist Wood Tower, and Stuff of Mist.

Wizard101 Mist wood

Wizard101 Mist Wood Locations:-

You can find Wizard101 Mist Wood in varieties of locations, I give you some of the best places where you will surely get Mist Wood.

Wizard City – in the visit City you will get mist wood in grassy areas such as Triton Avenue, Ravenwood, and The Old Forest.

Grizzly Peak – In Grizzly Peak you can find Mist Wood in forest areas such as Coldhearth and Grizzleheim.

Marleybone – In Marleybone you can find Wizard101 Mist Wood in Hype Park and Regent’s Square.

Dragonspyre – In the forest areas of Dragonspyre such as The Obsidian Cliffs and the Burning Bridge, you can get Wizard101 Mist Wood.

Wizard101 Mist wood

How To Get Wizard101 Mist Wood?

There are two main ways you can get Wizard101 Mist Wood, the first method is to gather it yourself and the second is to buy from the Bazaar.

Find Them In Different Locations: if you want to get the Wizard101 Mist Wood you have to find it by your own. As I already gave you all the locations go there and find the Mist Wood until you get the Mist Wood in the comments.

Buy It From Bazaar: you can also buy it from the reagent vendor in Wizard City Bazaar. The price of the Wizard101 Mist Wood is different in every market but it is very affordable so all players can easily afford it.


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