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Poe Cluster Jewel Crafting: Full Guide!

Poe Cluster jewel crafting is an art form in the game very requires a very huge understanding of game mechanisms and also luck. If you craft Dear cluster Jewel correctly then you can able to make the most powerful and versatile character in the game.

If you don’t know what is Path of Exile Cluster Jewels then let me tell you all about it in this article. Here I will tell you what Cluster Jewels are what are the stimulators and a full guide on how to cast Poe Cluster Jewels.

Poe Cluster jewel crafting

Poe Cluster Jewel Crafting:-

Poe cluster jewel crafting is a unique technique that can provide you with a powerful bonus to your character. You can craft cluster jewels by using orbs by this you will get a jewel that has a random selection from a passive pole available on affixes.

As Poe Cluster jewel crafting simulator is rewarding but at the same time it is also a challenging task. There are many methods that you can use to craft cluster jewels but each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Let me share with you some common Poe Cluster jewel crafting methods that players are using.

Alting and Regaling: This is the most common and the cheapest method to craft a cluster of jewels. But it also consumes lots of time and you will need hundreds or thousands of alts to get your desired result.

Fossils: Fossil is a great way of Poe Cluster jewel crafting. You can use them to block some affixes from rolling and make it like you will get the notables you want. But crafting with this method may be expensive, especially for the higher tiers.

Harvest: The harvest crafting method is one of the popular methods for Poe Cluster jewel crafting. It was first introduced in the Path Of Exile 3.13 update. It allows you to apply some specific affixes for your jewels, which makes it lots easier to get the result you want. However, if you are using the harvest crafting method then keep in mind that it can be time-consuming and you will also need to farm some necessary materials.

Exalting: It is the most powerful and most expensive method of crafting in Path Of Exile. This method allows you to add random effects in your gel which can be notably a passive or a jewel socket. But it is a gamble means you may get a bad notable if you want a good one.

Poe Cluster jewel crafting

Poe Cluster Jewel Crafting Guide:-

Here is a full Poe Cluster Jeweling guide that will help you craft Cluster Jewels in the game.

  • The first step is to choose a base jewel, as it shows several passive and sockets that your jewel has. The higher level of based gel is more passive and socket it be.
  • Then on the second step, you have to use alt orbs to the base jewels for notables. As it will randomly add an affix to the jewels.
  • In the third step, you have to regal for the second notable. Once you have a notable you want to use the regal orb to get the second notable. As this regal or will always add second not able to your jewel but it is not guaranteed that it will be the one that you want.
  • The fourth step use Fossil for targeting crafting if you want specific notables.
  • In the fifth step use harvest crafting for precision as it is the most advanced method of crafting I love you to affix your jewel.
  • If you want third notable then use the exact method, but it is the most expensive and in the meantime most rewarding method.
  • In the seventh step, annual unwanted affixes will help you to remove the unwanted affixes from your jewels.

Poe Cluster jewel crafting


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