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LoL Quick Play Removed: Why Riot Games Made This Decision?

The new patch is recently went out and LoL Quick Play Removed from it. I know it is frustrating because it is difficult to find a game mode that is enjoyable and at the same time challenging. The Quick Play mode is good for many players as it matches you with players who have the same skill level.

Some are saying that they decided to remove Quick Play from League of Legends because they want to improve the overall quality of matchmaking and reduce the queue time for all players.

However, this may be just speculation or any rumor and in this article, we will clear all the doubts and tell you facts about LoL Quick Play Removed. We will also tell you whether they bring Quickplay back or not so stay in this article to know all the information.

LoL Quick Play Removed

Why was LoL Quick Play Removed?

The new patch note was released on 22 November 2023 and just before the patch went out they found a major bug in Quick Play mode. So the Riots Games decided to Remove Quick Play mode and enable the Blind Pick because they didn’t think that it was worth dealing with the patch for Quickplay mode.

Because they will take time to fix it and if they do it then the release of the patch not may be delayed. Instead of delaying the day disable Quickplay mode for now and enable Blind Pick mode. They are working on the bug and trying to fix it as soon as possible. Enabling Blind Pick mode is just a temporary solution.

LoL Quick Play Removed

So in the meantime, you can play Blind Pick as it is more strategic mode than quickplay but it is also a fun way to play the League of Legends game. Also, one thing you should keep in mind is that Riot Games has not announced any confirmed time to enable LoL Quick Play mode however they are working on the bug and they will re-enable the mode as soon as it is fixed.

Is Blind Pick Mode Is Better Than Quickplay Mode?

If we talk about which mode is better then I saw a Reddit poll where 58% of player believes that Blind Pick mode is better than quick play mode. In 1200 responses 696 players voted for Blind Pick mode and the other 504 players voted for Quickplay mode.

LoL Quick Play Removed

The reason to get more votes for Blind Pick is that they give more control over the champion pole. In Blind Pick mode, you can choose any champion you want while in LOL Quickplay mode you only choose from the pole of champions which is pre-selected by the game.

The Blind Pick is a more strategic gameplay mode where the player has to think carefully about the teams and choose the champion wisely full stop this makes the game more challenging and at the same time rewarding. Another hand LoL Quick Play mode is more casual and easier than the Blind Pick mode.

LoL Quick Play Removed

It does not provide a satisfactory gameplay experience and the player who uses this mode is not serious about playing the game. This causes many frustrations among the players who are serious about the game and want a challenging opponent to play with.


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