How To Pop Golden Bloon BTD6: Full Guide!

How To pop Golden Bloon BTD6: BTD6 Golden Bloon Is the most unique and valuable type in the Bloon TD 6. It is a rare and exclusive bloom that only appears in specific difficult levels. It added an element of excitement and challenges to the game, as many players wanted to pop him to get the rewards.

Golden Bloon in BTD6 has a unique property which makes it difficult to pop there for many players had to make strategy and make careful plans to place the tower and upgrades. It requires more difficult attacks to pop such as the tower which is specialized in slowing, stunting, and dealing damage over time. So let’s see how to pop Golden Bloon BTD6 in this guide.

How To pop Golden Bloon BTD6

How To Pop Golden Bloon BTD6?

The BTD6 Golden Bloon can only be poked by the tower can deal huge damage and has a specialisation in slowing stunning and dealing damage over time. And some of the best towers can pop Golden Bloon BTD6. Here are the towers that can help you to pop the Golden Bloon in BTD6.

  • Glue Gunner
  • Ice Monkey
  • Bloon Solver

Glue Gunner: it is the most effective Tower that can help you to pop the golden bloom. As their glue slows Down The blooms and makes it easier for other towers to pop it. But I recommend you to use the top path Glue Gunner which is especially 2-0-2, this will handle the first few BTD6 Golden Bloons. If you want an effective result then I suggest you upgrade it to 3-0-2, where it deals with camo Golden Bloons, or upgrade to 4-0-2 where it deals with the letter Golden Bloons.

How To pop Golden Bloon BTD6

Ice Monkey: It is also an effective Tower that will pop Golden Bloon in BTD6. Its attack freezes the bloons in their place which makes them stuck on the ground. And deal damage until they destroy the Golden Bloon. The 0-2-2 upgrade Ice Monkey can take down the first balloon then it will need support further.

Bloon Solver: The Bloon Solver is the most powerful Tower which can pop all types of Golden Bloons in BTD6. To 2-4-0 upgrade of Bloon Solver if you want to pop all Golden Bloon in BTD6.

How To pop Golden Bloon BTD6

Rewards After Poping Golden Bloon in BTD6:-

When you pop the Golden Bloon you will get many rewards in the game. It is not only about the defeating challenge of every time you pop Golden Bloom you will get a specific amount of monkey money which is the in-game currency in BTD6. By this, you can purchase new towers and upgrades and it will help you to increase your performance and make you win challenges easily.

How To pop Golden Bloon BTD6


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