How to Use DDT Madness BTD6 Complete Guide 2023

The eagerly awaited DDT Madness BTD6 Latest is just on the horizon, although the exact release date remains unspecified. Tower Defense enthusiasts who are avid fans of BTD6 (Bloons TD6) can rejoice as the game receives regular updates approximately every two months. The dedicated team at Ninja Kiwi, hailing from the distant land of New Zealand, has provided us with a sneak peek to whet our appetites until the official release. Let’s dive into the DDT Madness BTD6 Latest Preview. One of the exciting additions in this update is the introduction of Quests. 

DDT Madness BTD6 Complete Guide 2023

These are standalone challenges that come with their own unique rules, difficulty levels, and unlock requirements. The Patch menu serves as the entry point to the Quest system, adding a touch of storytelling to the game. Quests aim to offer enjoyable gameplay while also teaching specific strategies, introducing new game modes, allowing players to test items before unlocking them, and providing a platform for the developers to experiment with fresh mechanics. While special missions are not mentioned in the DDT Madness BTD6 Latest, they may be on the horizon in future updates.

What is DDT Madness BTD6

With the implementation of the Quests system in DDT Madness BTD6, three beginner Quests have been tailored for newer players. In upcoming updates, the plan is to expand this feature to include mid-rank, high-rank, and expert-level Quests, which will introduce more advanced concepts and challenges. One of the Quests featured in this update is the Beast Handler Quest, where players ranked 40 and above embark on a short adventure utilizing the lower tiers of the Dartling Gunner tower to unlock the Beast Handler.

The Beast Handler tower itself is a noteworthy addition to the BTD universe. It is the first tower to join the game since the introduction of the Druid and Alchemist towers nearly five years ago. The Beast Handler operates in a unique manner, gaining power in a distinct way. Players must make strategic choices when merging beasts, as there are deliberate trade-offs along the way. This tower belongs to the Support class, adding an exciting dimension to experimenting with various tower combinations.

For players who find Races to be a daunting system when unlocked at rank 20, the update brings a solution. Now, players ranked 20 and above can access their first persistent race directly from the Quest menu. This serves as a brief introduction tailored for new or inexperienced Race players. More challenging Race Quests will be introduced in future updates. Additionally, players can engage in Quincy’s Trial, a short mission showcasing the strengths of Quincy, one of the game’s heroes.

DDT Madness BTD6 Complete Guide 2023

How to use DDT Madness BTD6

In terms of user interface improvements in DDT Madness BTD6, towers with secondary attack target options have undergone a rework. The smaller icon for this target is no longer linked to the target priority display, which addresses previous confusion among players. Ninja Kiwi acknowledges that some players may have been comfortable with the previous implementation but aims to provide a clearer user interface that benefits the majority of players. Although a video and preview of the upcoming version were recently released on Reddit, the Beast Handler tower’s complexity has led the development team to reconsider its design. 

As a result, the tower will undergo further reworking, causing a delay of at least two additional updates. To prevent similar issues in the future, tower upgrades will be completely removed from this new tower. The aim is to strike a balance and ensure that the Beast Handler tower remains accessible and enjoyable for players in the long run. The BTD6 community eagerly awaits for the DDT Madness BTD6 Latest 2023 and looks forward to exploring the new features, challenges, and improvements it brings to the beloved tower defense game.

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