The Divine Armament S2: Stats, Upgrade, Effects And More!

The Divine Armament S2 is a powerful upgrade in Ragnarok Origin which helps players in the battle. It gives the advantage to the player in the battle and helps to win it. Many players had not upgraded their Divine Armament to S2, and they wanted to upgrade it. But many players didn’t know how to do it.

Here in this article, we will discuss all the Divine Armament S2, Stats, Effects, Core, Upgrade, and appearance. We will see all these main points which will help you to use the Divine Armament S2 in the game. So if you want to know all this thing then stick with this article now without any further delay let’s dive into the information and upgrade it to Season 2 in Ragnarok Origin.

The Divine Armament S2

The Divine Armament S2 Stats:-

Talking about the Divine Armament stats, it is given below:

  • It increases the attack power of the player
  • It increases the defense of the player
  • It increases the health point of the player
  • Increase the moment the speed of the player
  • It increases the critical hit changes of the player’s
  • It also increases the critical hit damage of the player’s

The Divine Armament S2 Effects:-

The Divine Armament S2 has the following effects on the player which we will discuss in this paragraph.

  • Active: Inactive Divine Armament effects you can use to increase the temporary boost of your stats.
  • Passive: It will provide you with a constant boost in your stats.
  • Core: Divine Armament Core is a new feature that can be equipped in the S2. It gives you a powerful boost in the game.

The Divine Armament S2

How To Upgrade To Divine Armament S2?

If you want to upgrade the The Divine Armament S2, you will need to collect various upgrade stones. To do this you have to complete the latest events and dungeons in the game Ragnarok Origin. The Divine Armament upgrade stones will be found in the event or dungeons and by only those you can upgrade Divine Armament to Season 2.

After upgrading to Divine Armament S2 you can equip it to your character. Press the Devine Armament button to activate the effects. This will give you a temporary boost in your stats and passive effects will be will applied at all times.

Additional S2 Armor Effects and S2 Weapon Effects:-

To give additional stats and effects the Divine Armament S2 added new S2 armor effects and S2 weapon effects. You can equip those to the character which will help you in your performance in the game.

The army will increase the difference by 15% and also increase the resistance to all types of damage by 15%. And also reduce the damage taken by critical hits by 15%.

In the Divine Armament S2 weapon effects, increase the Attack by 15%, your critical hit by 15%, and also increase your critical hit damage by 15%.

The Divine Armament S2


In conclusion, Divine Armament S2 is a powerful feature that gives you an advantage in the battle but you should first upgrade it to Season 2. After that, you can equip the S2 Armor effects and S2 Weapon effects, which will increase your stats by 15%. So this is for you: if you like our post and find it interesting, then please make sure to subscribe to Gaming Acharya. And you can also follow us on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We post daily updates there first, then make articles, so to be updated, follow us and bookmark Gaming Acharya in your browser. We will post daily updates about the latest game and quest.


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