Emerald Dream Side Quests: Full Guide! #2

Emerald Dream Side Quests is now available in the world of Warcraft universe. An emerald dream is a place that is immune to natural beauty and tranquility that is still untouched by corruption and description. You will see many magical creatures and prawns in Emerald Dream which is a resource for the life of Azeroth.

Whereas in the recent expansion of Dragonfight, you can access the Emerald Dream and play various side quests. Here in this article, we will Discover all the side quests and see what we have to do to complete the Emerald Dream Side Quests. The side quests are arranged from simple tasks where you have to simply collect some items to defeating bosses.

Emerald Dream Side Quests

Emerald Dream Side Quests: Walkthrough:-

Completing the Side Quest In Emerald Dream is an amazing way to experience the beauty of the area. By doing this you can also get valuable resources and rewards. There are which are available now and they are A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens, Burning Out, The Dryad Garden, and The Emerald Dream Meta-Achievement.

However, to unlock the Emerald Dream side quests you have to complete the first Quest of patch note 10.2 storyline which is Call Of The Dream. But first, we will see more detailed information on every side quest and then see how to unlock Emerald’s Dream in World Of Warcraft Dragonfight.

1. A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens: In this place, you will first introduced to the dream warden who is the protector of the Emerald Dream. You have to earn a reputation from the warden after completing the Quest and defeat enemies if you want to unlock the additional rewards in the area.

  • Rewards: Reputation with Dream Wardens, Gears, and Golds.

2. Burning Out: In this Quest, you have to help Solarys Thongale a Dryad to extinguish the World fire that is threatening the Emerald Dream.

  • Rewards: Reputation with Dream Wardens, Gears, and Golds.

3. The Dryad Garden: In this quest, you have to help Cenarius restore the dried garden that is damaged.

  • Rewards: Reputation with Dream Wardens, Gears, and Golds.

4. The Emerald Dream Meta-Achievement: When you complete all the Emerald Dream side quests you will get this achievement as a reward.

  • Rewards: Title: Dreamer, Reputation with the Dream Wardens, gear, and gold.

Emerald Dream Side Quests

How To Unlock Emerald Dream Side Quests?

If you didn’t unlock Emerald Dream in World of Warcraft then you have to do it first. Before doing this you will not be able to enter Emerald Dream and start the side quests. To complete it you need to complete the latest Quest of the patch, not the 10.2 storyline which is Call Of The Dream. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to unlock the emerald dream so you can enter the Emerald Dream side quests.

  • First complete the 10.1.7 Quest line which is located at the Ohn’ahran Plains zone.
  • After completing the Quest line you will get the Quest of Call of Dreams which will send you to the Ancient Bough.
  • And in the Ancient Bough you will get a portal that will direct you to the Emerald Dream.
  • Enter in the emerald dream and you will get a quest called Emerald Welcome. This request will direct you to the central Encampment of Amirdrassil.
  • Once you complete the emerald welcome request you will unlock the side quests.

Emerald Dream Side Quests


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