Where To Find Firebrand Fystia WoW Rare?

Firebrand Fystia WoW Rare: A rare enemy found in a new zone of World of Warcraft game. You will found Firebrand Fystia WoW in the newest zone, the Emerald Dream. She is the tough enemy and difficult as her spawn timer affects when she defeats any mobs. Finding her and spawns her is our challenge in World of Warcraft game. Here in this article we will share you her location and also guide you how to defeat her in Emerald Dream zone in World of Warcraft.

Firebrand Fystia WoW rare

Firebrand Fystia WoW Rare:-

Firebrand Fystia WoW is a powerful and a rare enemy which is added in Emerald Dream zone. Firebrand Fystia is the level 70 who is known for his fiery attacks and can someone powerful allies to help her to defeat the mobs.

If we talk about her appearance she is tall and imposing figure having red skin with orange glowing eyes. She always surrounded with flames and have massive stuffs who crackers with electricity. Which means she is a very powerful enemy to defeat as she have very strong abilities and powerful attacks which can easily defeat you.

Some of their evil it is our primal flame, conflagration and elemental summon. With primal flame she releases a blast of fiery which clear all the enemies in her path. Conflagration is a ability which allows her to someone a ring of fire around her if you come close to her it will deal huge damage.

And the Elemental Summon ability where she can someone other creatures to help in her fight. And this creatures are very dangerous and also deals large amount of damage to the enemies.

Firebrand Fystia WoW Rare

Where To Find The Firebrand Fystia WoW?

You want to know where to find Firebrand Fystia WoW, then you should head towards the co-ordinate 29.84, 20.80 in the Emerald Dream. But before going to this location I suggest you to be prepared to interact with Firebrand Fystia WoW. And also one thing when you reach to the location you will found a bug which is preventing players to spawning Firebrand Fystia WoW Rare. Officials are investigating the reason of this bug and it will soon fix.

Firebrand Fystia WoW Rare

How To Spawn Firebrand Fystia WoW?

Let’s talk about how we can Spawn Firebrand Fystia in World of Warcraft. Before starting, if you don’t know the meaning of Spawn, it is a another meaning of defeat or killing someone. To defeat the rare enemy in Emerald Dream zone, follow this guide.

  • First you have to reach Emerald Dream zone.
  • Then travel to the way of Cinder Summit of the dream.
  • On the top of Rocky rich you will find a long glowing Orange portal. It is the location where you will spawn Firebrand Fystia WoW.

But defeating her is not a easy job as you know she had very strong abilities so when you approach to defeat her she someone’s her alive to help her. So you have to defeat them to reduce her spawn timer, by that time keep and I on a portal and wait for Firebrand Fystia to spawn.


If you’re having difficulty to spawn Firebrand Fystia WoW rare, then there is a bug who is preventing her to spawn correctly. You have to wait for the fix and then try to defeat her.┬áSo this is for you: if you like our post and find it interesting, then please make sure to subscribe to Gaming Acharya.

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