Battery Risk of Rain Returns: How To Use It?

Battery Risk of Rain Returns is an item that is used to unlock the secret character Robomando. Without this Secret Battery Risk of Rain Returns, you will not be able to unlock Robomando. However, to find this Risk of Rain Returns Secret Battery you have to know the location.

Here in this article, we will discuss all about Battery Risks of Rain Returns. Where we will learn the location and also know how to use it to unlock the 16 survivors in the game. If you want to know more about the Secret Character in Risk of Rain returns then you should check our previous article. We made a separate article on the Risk of Rain Returns Secret Character.

 Battery Risk of Rain Returns

Strange Battery Risk of Rain Returns: Walkthrough:-

The Strange Battery Risk in Rain Returns is a mysterious item Newton switch and PC which is used to unlock Robomando. You can find this secret battery on the left side of the elders’ temple. However, in the description of the item, it says “Bzzt” which is not clear what is supposed to do for the first time.

But in the new update of Risk of Rain Returns, it is used to unlock the secret character Robomando. To unlock the Robomando is not simple but you can do it once you get the secret battery. As you know the location of the Battery Risk of Rain Returns you can easily find it. Then head further to unlock the Robomando.

Battery Risk of Rain Returns

How to Unlock Robomando By Using Strange Battery in Risk of Rain Returns?

To unlock the Robomando character you have to complete a series of steps given below. I present you a very simple step which you will easily understand and complete by reading it once.

  1. First start the drizzle difficulty and to the 4th Stage by using a teleporter then go back to the third stage.
  2. Find the strange battery near the temple of elders location.
  3. When you get the Strange Battery in Risk Of Rain Returns you have to reach the whole which is behind the golems that appear on the map.
  4. Find the chest by which you can send the item to the features run then turn on the Rainstorm and Monsoon difficulty.
  5. After that go to the second stage and find the chest which has a strange battery in it.
  6. In the third stage you have to defeat the teleporter boss.
  7. Then in The fourth Stage find the Dead Robot and place the strange battery on the slot.
  8. Once you put the strange battery you have to fight with it and you will be defeated against him.
  9. Then you can unlock Robomando.

Battery Risk of Rain Returns

Tips To Get Strange Battery In Risk Of Rain Returns?

  • Before starting the challenge there are some things you should keep in your mind or you can say a quick tip that will help you to get Strange Battery Risk of Rain Returns easily.
  • Reach the four stages quickly by using the teleporter.
  • Keep I on the port which is near the entrance of the Temple of Elders.
  • Don’t fall on the whole behind the golems.
  • For going to the second stage check whether your Rainstorm and Monsoon difficulty is activated or not.
  • The last and main tip before challenging to battle with the Dead Robot make sure that you are fully prepared.


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Risk Of Rain Returns Secret Character: How To Unlock?

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