Risk Of Rain Returns Secret Character: How To Unlock?

Are you finding the Risk Of Rain Returns secret character to unlock it and use it in the game? If you are one of that players who wants to unlock the secret character in Risk Of Rain Returns then you are in the right place. As the game added his 16th secret character which we can also say is a survivor. It is a very beautiful masterpiece packet and a new thing that you will Discover in the game.

Here in this article we will discuss or Discover full information about the Risk of Rain Returns secret character as we will reveal his name and tell you all about his skills and abilities. After that, we will guide you to how you can unlock each survivor in the game including the 16th character. This article is going to be amazing and in the end, you will unlock your 16 secret characters in Risk Of Rain Returns.

Risk Of Rain Returns secret character

Who Is the 16th Risk Of Rain Returns Secret Character? 

Risk Of Rain Returns the secret character is the 16th survivor in the game. Robomando is the secret character that all the players are talking about. In the game, there are a total of 16 survivors and 12 original characters which are initially released. In addition, three characters were added to the remaster.

Robomando is a powerful and unique survival character in the game which has a potential ability and medical appearance. He specialized in close-quarter combat using his fist and energy blast to deal damage to the enemies. His energy blast is so powerful that he can clear our whole bunch of enemies at the same time.

Talking about the ability, Robomando has one passive ability and two active abilities. The passive ability helps you to increase the speed and attack damage when you defeat the enemy’s full stop this passive ability increases the aggressive play.

The passive ability helps him to release the energy blast which will cover a huge area and deal damage who will come to his range. And the second active ability is a protective energy shield that absorbs the enemy’s damage.

Risk Of Rain Returns secret character

How To Unlock Risk Of Rain Returns Secret Character?

There is one player who unblocks Robomando and shares the process on Reddit so all players can get help to unlock the Risk Of Rain Returns secret character. Here I will share you the same method in a simple way so you can understand it and unlock Robomando.

To unlock the Secret character in Risk Of Rain Returns you have to complete all part 6. For part 1 and part 2, you have to finish it in drizzle, and for the rest part 3 – part 6 you have to complete it on Rainstorm or Monsoon. Here is the full guide given below.

Part 1: You have to acquire the strange battery in the drizzle. The location is the Temple of the Elders. To acquire the strange battery you have to find and break the clay pot.

Part 2: In the second part you have to place the strange battery in range from and or monsoon. The location is the contact light final stage. To do this you have to reach into the dancing golems. When you reach the dancing golems go to the broken part of the ship which is in the bottom right room, then unlock the room with a card before a providence fight full stop after that you have to just place the strange battery in the chest which is behind the golems.

Part 3: In the third part you have to retrieve the strange battery it will located in stage 2 where you have to find the chest where the strange battery is placed.

Part 4: In part 4 you have to precise teleport activation which is located in stage 3. You just have to activate the teleporter accurately at the 22-minute mark.

Part 5: In part 5 you have to fight the death robot which is located in stage 4 stop to do this you have to encounter the death robot and then you have to place the strange battery in it. Bhai pleasing the battery the robot will activate and you will engage in a battle with him where you will lose.

Part 6: In the 6th and final part you have to unlock Robomando Risk Of Rain Returns the secret character. Simply unlock it and it will be unlocked as a playable survivor.


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