Robocop Rogue City Burning Building Cat: Rescue Grumpy!

Robocop Rogue City burning building cat is one of the optional challenge in the game which will give you real heroes as a reward. It is optional challenge means if you want to earn real heroes as a trophy then you should complete this challenge. You simply have to save a cat from a burning building or a hotel in the cyber drill machine. And to know how to do it you have to stay in this article.

In this article I will tell you about Robocop Rogue City burning building cat and how to save the cat. You will also get to know many things which is needed in the game so don’t leave in between as if you do then it’s your loss. Now without any further delay let’s drive into the information and start the article.

Robocop Rogue City burning building cat

Robocop Rogue City Burning Building Cat: What Is All About?

Robocop Rogue City burning building cat is a kind of side quest which is totally optional. In this, you have to save a cat name Grumpy, who is a narrative in Cyber Trail Mission. You have to rescue Grumpy from a burning hotel by listening to its voice. You have to be focus and listen the meowing sound of the cat and locate Grumpy. Once you locate the cat open the door and rescue it. By completing this challenge, you will be rewarded with a real in RoboCop Rogue City.

Along with this is you will encounter many small missions such as battling enemies deal with burning hotels and facing some intense challenges. And all this small missions will reward you separately once you complete it. Like I said it’s your choice whether you want to save the cat “Grumpy” or not.

How To Rescue Robocop Rogue City Burning Building Cat?

Let’s see how to save the Robocop Rogue City burning building cat. This is the side challenge in cyber drill machine as it is in the middle of the Champaign. When you move further in the mission you will see smoke and enemies then you have to choose that what you should too first.

Means you have two choices you can first deal with the elements or save the cat from the burning building. If you want the real hero then save the cat just listen its meowing sound and track it. You will find Grumpy and by breaking the wall or door you will see the cat. That go to the tour corner open it and release the cat, and you will complete the Robocop Rogue City burning building cat optional mission.

Robocop Rogue City burning building cat

Once you do it you will earn A Real Hero trophy. But you have to keep few things in mind just like if you pull out the fire then you will not able to locate the cat. So towards the gate which will lead you in outside of hotel then turn around and go upstairs. Then open the doors on your right you will get Grumpy.


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