Coriolis Force Destiny 2: How To Get It?

Coriolis Force Destiny 2 is the only aggressive fusion rifle in the game. It is unique rifle but also having a very week perk pool. But because of his aggressiveness it fires all bolts in a single straight line which makes it precise fusion rifle.

However, in this article we will discuss all about Coriolis Force Destiny 2, and tell you how to get it. Along with, I will share you it’s god roll for PVP and PVE mode. Even Coriolis Force Destiny 2 have weak pair pole but using its gold roll is very fun. So without any further delay, let’s drive into the information and start our article.

Coriolis Force Destiny 2

What Is Coriolis Force Destiny 2?

Coriolis Force Destiny 2 is first introduced in beyond light expansion. As he knew it is only aggressive frame fusion rifle which having a fire pattern who charges bolts in a straight line. This fusion rifle have a resemblance of sniper rifle and retaining a close quarter of a shotgun. Having this unit abilities but then also this rifle having challenges to do over all damages if you compared to other rifle. Its trick pool is weak if we compare with the other rifles, but it’s God rule is amazing and players having fun to play in PVE god roll.

Coriolis Force Destiny 2 God Roll:-

Let’s see Coriolis Force Destiny 2 god roll in PVP and PVE mode in the game.

PVP – Coriolis Force Destiny 2:

  • Barrel is arrow headed breaks which give + 30 equal direction and +10 handling.
  • Battery is projection fuse which gives +10 range.
  • Perk 1 – under pressure which will improve your accuracy and stability.
  • Perk 2 – Eye of the strom when your health get lower your weapon become more accurate and also boost handling.
  • Have quick access sling mode which increase your weapon speed.

Coriolis Force Destiny 2

PVE – Coriolis Force Destiny 2:

  • Barrel is corkscrew rifling which increase +5 stability, +5 range and +5 handling.
  • Ionized battery which gives +2 magazine and &20 reload speed.
  • Perk 1 – Ambitious Assassin, it overflow your magazine before reloading based on the number of rapid kills.
  • Perk 2 – One For All will hit three separate target and increase damage in moderate duration.
  • +10 masterwork charge time

How To Get Coriolis Force Destiny 2?

Getting Coriolis Force Destiny 2 will may be little bit difficult but not impossible. You can get Coriolis Force Gusion Rifle in many Europa tasks. To do this you have to complete Varik Quest and bounties then you have to run the missions and you can also participate on other Europa engagement which will increase your chances to get Coriolis Force Destiny 2.


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