Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 Leaks: You Should Know This!

Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 Leaks: Chapter 30 in Dead By Daylight is the most trending topic and everyone wants to know the release date and the time to start. As the Spooky season has come to an end so now player focusing on Dead By Daylight chapter 30 leaks to get the confirmation of the release date.

Last month was amazing, and I think all of you had fun celebrating Halloween with the Haunted Daylight event. The game collaborates with Netflix and brings the content of the series Stranger Things and killer Hawking’s Map.

As of now, you are celebrating the Stranger Things event but after that, all of you want to play Chapter 30. So here in this article, we will give you Dead By Daylight chapter 30 leaks which includes release date, new features and events which is speculated to come in this chapter. Before starting this article let me clear you one thing that this is all the speculation and expectations of the that means what player want to see in Dead By Daylight Chapter 30.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 Leaks

Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 Leaks: Who Will Be The New Killer?

Dead By Daylight chapter 30 leaks players speculated that Predator will be the licensed killer. As there are many theories behind these speculations the first one is a tweet from an official Dead By Daylight Twitter account where they post a picture of Predator mask.

This League is also shared by a data miner who share the name of Predator in the Dead By daylight code. And I think that he will come because he never featured in the game and he surely a popular horror villain which every player wants to see in the game.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 30 Leaks

Map and Survivor In Dead By Daylight Chapter 30:-

If the Predator will be the line licensed killer then I am expecting that the map will be on a theme of jungle or forest. Because the Predator is knit for his hunting, and he needs this type of environment. As for the survival there is no such information for the chapter 30 but many players expecting that the survival chapter should from the alien movie which is created by Disney. As there is no such confirmation or any proof but many players expecting this.

Release Date Of Dead By Daylight Chapter 30:-

Let’s talk on the release date of Dead By Daylight chapter 30. Unfortunately, I am very sad to tell you that I have no any solid proof of release date, but there is a leak who said that Dead By daylight chapter 30 will release on this month only. Some were telling that the PTB will release on 8 November 2023 and the full release DLC is expected to release on 30 November 2023.

The time to release of Dead By Daylight chapter 30, PTB at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET/4 PM GMT. As there is no official statement from behavior interactive, so we cannot say anything about it. However, this all is leaks or expectations of the player, but I think the sum of the information will be true.

As these legs are taken from the official Twitter post, maybe there giving him to the players, and then they will release in Dead By Daylight chapter 30. But as for now we have to wait for the official announcement because there is no guarantee that all these things will be coming in the new chapter.


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