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DBD Developer Update July 2023 Latest

The month of July brings an eagerly awaited DBD developer update July 2023, unveiling a range of changes, improvements, and thrilling additions to the game. In this DBD Developer Update July 2023, the developers aim to enhance gameplay experience, address community concerns, and introduce terrifying features to keep players on the edge of their seats. Let’s dive into the highlights of this exciting DBD Developer Update July 2023.

DBD Developer Update July 2023 Latest

To combat issues related to survivor disconnects, the developers are introducing AI substitutes that will replace disconnected survivors. This change ensures that matches remain balanced and fair for all players. When a survivor disconnects, everyone in the match will be notified that an AI bot has taken over. These AI bots have been improved to perform various survivor tasks, such as repairing generators, saving other survivors, and distracting the killer.

Dead by Daylight Developer Update July 2023

In an effort to make reporting problematic behavior more worthwhile, a new feature called “Successful Report” is being implemented. Players will now receive a notification upon logging in if their report(s) have resulted in a ban. These feedback messages apply to both temporary bans for harassment and permanent bans for cheating. With this change, players are encouraged to actively report toxic behavior, knowing that their reports can lead to effective actions.

The Onryo, one of the game’s killers in DBD Developer Update July 2023, is receiving some terrifying changes to intensify the gameplay experience. When the Onryo is Manifested, she can Project herself to any powered TV on the map. This action inflicts nearby survivors with a stack of Condemned. Notable adjustments include reducing the Condemned effect to ¾ of a stack for nearby survivors, reducing the TV disable time to 70 seconds (with possible further reductions using add-ons), and increasing the TV disable time to 90 seconds when a survivor removes the Cursed Tape. 

Additionally, Projection now has a 15-second cooldown to balance its frequency of use. Carrying a Cursed Tape and getting hit with a basic attack applies a stack of Condemned. When a survivor carrying a Cursed Tape is hooked, all other survivors gain a stack of Condemned, and the tape is destroyed. Cursed Tapes can now be placed in any TV other than the one they were retrieved from. The Onryo can no longer be stunned while Demanifested, making it more challenging for survivors to counter her abilities. 

DBD Developer Update July 2023 Latest

DBD Developer Update July 2023

Furthermore, chases are now prevented when Manifested, adding an additional layer of suspense and difficulty in tracking The Onryo’s position. Manifesting also removes Bloodlust, aligning it with other killer powers. To improve the gameplay flow, the developers have decided to remove grabs from unhooking survivors. This eliminates the awkward mind games that often occurred during unhooking but still maintains a sense of risk. Survivors will now be able to be hit twice by the killer before they can escape after being unhooked.

The Brand New Part add-on has undergone a rework due to its exploitable nature. Survivors using the Brand New Part will now face a difficult skill check. Succeeding in the skill check will reduce the generator’s required charges by 10 and consume the add-on. The updated Brand New Part will save 10 seconds compared to the previous 22.5 seconds, affecting the effectiveness of regression-based perks. The DBD Developer Update July 2023 brings a range of tweaks and adjustments to both killer and survivor perks to enhance balance and gameplay experience. 

The Dead by Daylight developer update July 2023 promises an array of exciting changes and additions to the game. From the implementation of AI substitute bots for disconnected survivors to thrilling adjustments for killers and survivors, this update aims to enhance gameplay experience, address community concerns, and keep players immersed in the terrifying world of Dead by Daylight. Prepare yourself for intense matches, strategic gameplay, and heart-pounding moments as you explore the updated features introduced in this highly anticipated update.

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