Reverse 1999 Farming Guide & Tips!

What’s the best Reverse 1999 Farming Guide? To farm essential resources like Unlog, Crystal Drops, Clear Drops, Sharpodonty and Dust, you must all play every day and complete stories too. Reverse 1999 farming guide and strategies are also essential.

These resources are required to upgrade your characters in Reverse 1999 and then it will make it easy to complete all story quests and boss battles. But how to easily farm unlimited resources and gems in the Reverse 1999 game.

Reverse 1999 farming guide

Getting six-star characters in Reverse 1999 is only possible with all resources in the game. But how you get them easily is the question of all fans too. Farming resources in Reverse 1999 game is done by playing regularly.

Reverse 1999 Farming Guide & Tips!

Farming resources in Reverse 1999 is done easily. You can complete daily tasks, weekly goals and story quests. Complete all stories and stages to get all free exclusive rewards and resources. That’s how you can earn unlimited Reverse 1999 dust and unilog to up your game too.

You can farm unlimited unilog, dust and crystals in Reverse 1999 by doing all these. Also you can all claim the daily login rewards and in-game mail box gifts and rewards to farm unlimited Reverse 1999 crystals and currency.

These are the best ways and tricks to farm unlimited money and resources in Reverse 1999. Follow all these tips to farm unlimited currency in the Reverse 1999 game right now too. Play the game regularly to gain everything you want.

About the Game

Reverse 1999 farming guide

Reverse 1999 is a turn-based strategy RPG from Bluepoch team. This is a unique 20th century time-travel based strategy game that’s taking place in a magical world. You can either play as a guest or use email, Gmail and Facebook to login.

The story starts from the last day of 1999 as a new storm approached the world. The storm fell on the earth and world and the raindrops were heavy. You can now use the magical time traveling power and get assistance from the powerful arcanist called Sonetto. You have to discover areas that are affected by storms and rains. You must also find fellow companions or otherwise be called the arcanists.

A mysterious journey awaits everyone in the world and space. Discover more about the storm incidents of 1999 and save the world again in the modern millennium.

The mages, wizards and freaks are all still alive somewhere. Find these arcanists again and predict the future storm. You can play along with friends, form a powerful team and use skills, magical spells and weapons to counter enemies.

A stunning turn-based tactical RPG with fantasy magical elements allows you to choose some insane arcane skills to slash enemies. Complete all new chapters and progress in the game too. You can deal mental damage to enemies and inflict disarm status effects.

Every unit gets a mass buff, mass attack and more stats while attacking. Mental damage is a unique type of damage in this new Reverse 1999 game too.

The penetration and attack rates should always be higher to tackle enemies. For a battle you have to choose two cards from the list and then wait for the enemy’s turn as well. You can also skip some stories while kickstarting your tutorials in the game too.

Play as incantations and join forces with all other heroes to tackle enemies. This is an incredible gacha mobile game to play currently on your devices.

Reverse 1999 is a mind-blowing magical adventure and roleplaying game to play on both Android and iOS platforms. Even this game is also available for PC too.

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