FM 24 Patch Notes: New Features Highlights!

FM 24 Patch Notes is released where they done some improvements and added new features in the game. Football manager 2024 is the new update and the early access is available on steam or Epic games. Football Manager 24 patch notes is not visible means you will not see what bugs fixed and improvement done.

Maybe they don’t want to share this information, but they done many improvement in the game. While Football Manager 2024 is available for evry player including Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade. However in this article we will tell you all the new features added in Football Manager 2024.

FM 24 Patch Notes

FM 24 Patch Notes: New Features Highlights:-

FM 24 Patch Notes highlights some of the new features which you can play in the game. This new features are refresh the match engine, a smart transfer market, Meiji Yasuda Insurance L. J. League and real world and your world game modes. Let’s talk in deep about all this new features in Football Manager 2024. This will help you to understand all the new features that I mentioned above.

  1. Refreshed Match Engine
  2. Smarter Transfer Market
  3. Meiji Yasuda Insurance L. J. League
  4. Real World and Your World Game Modes

FM 24 Patch Notes

1. Refreshed Match Engine:

This new feature in Football Manager 2024 is more realistic than the 2023 update. As match engine is a part of game which stimulates the match. The new refresh match engine features have improved player animation and find realistic ball physics. When you play you will experience something new by this new refresh match engine feature.

2. Smarter Transfer Market:

It is also more realistic in Football Manager 2024 as now the AI control team make it realistic transfer. In this new feature you will also get additional tools in your disposal to negotiate the transfers.

3. Meiji Yasuda Insurance L. J. League:

Meiji Yasuda Insurance L. J. League is love lices in Football Manager 2024 which allows you to manage this team in the league. If you don’t know about Meiji Yasuda Insurance L. J. League, it is the top most Football League in Japan but in Football Manager 2023 it is not licensed. However now you can manage this football team in Football Manager 2024 Patch Notes.

4. Real World and Your World game modes:

Football Manager 2024 they introduce to gave modes first Real world mod and second year World Game mode. In the Rear World Game Mode your career will start when the game release and you cannot change the starting date but on the Your World Game Mode you can customise your start date of your career.


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