Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1: New Patch Notes 0.9.1, & More!

Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1 with use amount of new content in the game. They also released Wobbly Life Update patch notes 0.9.1 with the update. In this Wobbly Life patch 0.9.1 notes they made improvement in graphics and also fix many bugs which is causing difficulty while playing the game.

Here in this article we will discuss all about the Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1. The new items, new jobs, new clothes, new mission and many more. In this Wobbly Life Update patch notes 0.9.1 there are many things we want to share with you speak with this article. Without any further delay, let’s drive into the information and know what new things came in this update.

Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1

What’s New In Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1?

This update is a big content update for Wobbly Island. It’s packed with new missions, two new jobs, loads of new clothes and so much more! After the Arcade update, we were really eager to jump back into Wobbly Island to give you all more things to do. In Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1 you will be going to see this following new things given below:

The Sleepy Sleeper 3000: It is the new bed which is delivered to find design furniture.

New Detective Missions: The Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1 add two new Missions and Detective Buck help to solve this mysteries puzzle.

Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1

New Side Missions: The Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1 also give many side missions spread all over the Wobbly Life to complete.

Weather Station: The Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1 add new weather station on the mountain. As the Wobbly Climate Club done some great work to make this new weather technologies.

New Art Studio: You have hon in a new art studio open on the island, and they are looking for new artists.

New Hide and Seek Map: The Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1 the new hide and seek map is available. There are many places to hide but be careful to not put foot on any paint as you will give hint to the seek to follow you.

Along with new things, the Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1 also add Parachute Travel System, New buyable houses and Rumble Support.

Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1

Wobbly Life Update patch notes 0.9.1:-

In the Wobbly Life Update patch notes 0.9.1 they dine some improvement in graphic and fixes buds in the update. Here are some of the following bugs fixes and graphics done in the Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1.

Graphical Upgrades:

  • New scenery for underground train tunnels.
  • Now you can close your eyes while speeling.
  • New clothes available including Pizza pants, Shorts, Spiked hair, Pirate hat, Longish Hair, Propeller Hat Longish Hair Variant.
  • Scarecrows are added in the field.
  • New animation added in the menu.
  • For some texture, the resolution is raised.
  • Now, docks and cannons will not pop from the distance.
  • Done improvement to save selection UI.

Wobbly Life Update 0.9.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Showing moon in the map
  • Fixed the issue of player counting more than Max Players
  • PS5 button prompts are correctly aligning
  • Character orientation is now fixed
  • Jitter issues on multiplayer is fixed now
  • roundabout navigation issues is now fixed
  • The issue with scroll on modmachine UI is now fixed
  • Job sheet flicker is now fixed
  • Massive fires are fixed
  • The issue with treasure job spawning is fixed
  • The issue with delivery truck doors which is not syncing is fixed
  • Duplicated lab fan sound is fixed


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