Star Ocean Character 2 Tier List: Make Your Best Team!

Are you waiting for the Star ocean character 2 tier list, if you are, then your wait is over? We will tell you which character will fit in your team, and you will also know the ranking of all characters in this Star ocean character 2 tier list. This will help you main calculations and choose the best character for a team in order to progress in the game.

As many players still didn’t figure out which character is best in Star Ocean 2, don’t worry we will help you in that also. Here in this article you will see full Star Ocean 2 character tier list and which rank they are. So buckle up and continue reading if you want to make the strongest team in Star ocean 2.

Star ocean character 2 tier list

Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List: Full List:-

Finding a suitable character form Star ocean 2 Tier List for your team is a difficult job because you want all character to compliment each other in the game. If one character is not good in some points, then the other character should fill that missing spot. Here is the full Star Ocean 2 character tier lost which help you to decide which character is suitable for your team.

  • S Tier: Claude, Rena
  • A Tier: Ashton, Dias, Opera, Precis
  • B Tier: Bowman, Ernest, Leon, Noel
  • C Tier: Celine

Star ocean character 2 tier list

S Tier List:

Claude Kenni:

Star ocean character 2 tier list

Claude Kenni is the S rank character in Star Ocean 2 tier list, which is also the main character in the game. He is amazingly powerful character with having a friend amazing fighting range and also recover very quickly. He uses the most powerful weapon in Star Ocean 2 game called Aeterna. Along with he also has a powerful move called ghost slash, if you get hit by ghost slash then there is no chance to recover.

Rena Lanford:

Star ocean character 2 tier list

Rena Lanford is a healer category character which supports the team by her healing ability. She is mainly a support character who have many spells including Heal, Antidote, and Protection. By her spells, chicken also increase the moment rate of their allies.


A Tier List

Ashton Anchors:

Star ocean character 2 tier list

Ashton Anchors is A rank character in Star Ocean 2 character Tier List. He is the most powerful character who deal purely physical attack to the enemies. Even its normal attack is so fast with very minimum lag and good range that other character couldn’t keep up. If you need a fast character in your team, then you should try Ashton Anchors.

Dias Flac:

Star ocean character 2 tier list

Dias Flac is also a rank character in the game. With a slow startup, he has the second-highest range for normal ground attacks. Although his Art, “Air Slash” is way faster than S Rank character Claude. And he is also having the special art Deadly Illusion, which is the fastest art in the game.

Opera Vectra:

Star ocean character 2 tier list

Opera Vectra mainly known as for her special art range attacks in the game. She is A Rank character in the game who is normal anti Air attack is a range attack. She is the only character after Precis who excels on heating enemies from afar.

Precis Neumann:

Star ocean character 2 tier list

Precis Neumann is a multitasker who have various gadgets that deals used damage to the enemies. But his unique ability is a tear gas which can stand the enemies and make them useless to attack.


C Tier List 

Celine Jules:

Celine Jules is C rank character in the game and is she is a weak character in the game. If you are thinking to add her in your team, then you should think twice. I am telling you this because she will make your team weaker. I have not much information about her, so I suggest you to avoid adding Celine Jules in your team if you want to win the match.



Im the end I just want to say that you have to decide which character you want in your team which helps you to level up. I just give you some information about all the character in Star Ocean 2 character tier list. Choose your character wisely and enjoy the game.


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