Alan Wake 2 1.08 patch notes: Improvement In Global, Mission Specific & More!

Alan wake 2 1.08 patch notes fixed over 200 issues who bug players in their in between the game. There is no doubt that Alan walk to is a huge success and have left a great impression on the player. But the game also have many majors issue related to performance that bugging players experience. All these bugs are from the launch which cause major technical issue.

But now the developer corrected all 200 major bugs which is causing issues in performance while playing the game. In this article, we will tell you what you need to know about this Alan wake 2 1.08 patch notes. As the patch notes is too long, so don’t leave in between.

Alan wake 2 1.08 patch notes

Alan Wake 2 1.08 patch notes: Improvement In Global, Mission Specific and More:-

After Patch Notes 1.08 now the game is running smoothly and performance is also improved. Here are all the full list of Alan wake 2 1.08 patch notes.


  • Fixed localization issues, improve the timing of subtitle in all languages.
  • Improve audio for better cinematics experience.
  • Fixed lip sync issue.
  • Improve graphical related issues in the environment.
  • Fixed minor cinematic issues.
  • Improve image aliasing in Performance mode and Xbox Series S.
  • Done various gameplay improvements.
  • Fixed major UI-related issues.
  • Lighting bugs in many map locations.
  • Fixed auto aming in Alan Wake 2 patch notes 1.08
  • The issue with animation of the rare player character is now fixed.
  • Various case board issue is fixed now.
  • Fixed all map issue in patch notes 1.08 in Alan Wake 2.
  • Fixed conversations failing to trigger issue.
  • Rose’s dialogue choices issue is fixed now.
  • Saga’s lines not playing when going to the Sheriff’s Station, blocking progress, is fixes now.
  • Exploration rewards for lighthouse is fixed


Mission specific:


  • The issue where Saga could get stuck in the environment is fixed.


  • Fixed the issue where player get stucked when falling from ladder.
  • Fixed potential issues with dark presence.
  • Rare crash is fixed

Zane Film:

  • The issue where Alan could fall through the environment is fixed.


  • The issue where Saga could fall through the world is fixed

We Sing:

  • The bug where Alan get stuck in the environment is fixed

Room 665:

  • Fixed a bug where Ocean view Hotel Lobby Echo not to align

PC specific:

  • The bug causing graphics settings to reset is fixed in Alan Wake 2 patch notes 1.08
  • The bug in PC Window handling logic is fixed now.
  • Fixed the issue where mouse cursor not showing in menus.


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