Starfield update patch notes 1.7.36: FOV Sliders, Performance Improvements, and Bug Fixes!

Starfield update patch notes 1.7.36 is release recently for all the platform full stop this updates includes change in setting that gives the players to adjust their FOV and also other stability improvement which help them in a better performance. This patch notes 1.7.36 in Starfield, basically the improvement according to the players as they give feedback where they find that the game is not up to their standards. So considering their feedback, star field releases new patch notes 1.7.36.

And here in this article we will be going to see what changes we will be going to see in Starfield update patch notes 1.7.36. We will see what bugs they fixed, what changes in performance in stability and also what new quest they release for the player to engage them into the game. So without any further delay at time into and see what new things come in Starfield.

Starfield update patch notes 1.7.36

Starfield update patch notes 1.7.36: Fixed Bugs and Performance:-

This Starfield update patch notes 1.7.36 is basically one of the smallest patch note I have ever seen in the game. I think this is only for the player who reported one particular problem many times. So considering those complaint star field releases, this updated patch notes 1.7.36. Here are all the details and brief of Starfield 1.7.36 updated patch notes.

General Fixes and Improvement:

  • FOV: To adjust their FOV to first person or third person in the match sliders is now available in the setting.

Stability and Performance:

  • Improved stability for Intel Arc GPUs for PC only.
  • Done various additional stability and performance improvement in Starfield update patch notes 1.7.36.


  • Echoes of the Past: Consider the problem where tunneling creatures can pick you the location, which prevent progression.

In Starfield 1.7.36 update patch notes is completed full stop, there are only few things they fixed in this patch notes 1.7.36. If you don’t see your reported issue in this update, you can contact or report again to the star field customer support.

Starfield update patch notes 1.7.36

When will the next Starfield patch notes release?

Even the Starfield update patch notes 1.7.36, but there are many common bugs and issues creating problems to the players. Player experiences the performance issues including frame rate drops and stuttering crashing. Welcome players are still experienced, that stopping them for progressing in the game. Along with this common bug there are other issue such as clipping issues, texture bleach and AI problems.

These problems are still causing issue in Starfield and the officials are aware of these problems. They are still reporting all this problem to customer support. That they will release new patch notes which may improve the performance, fixes all the bugs and increase stability in the game.

As per now, there are no official announcements of another star field update patch notes. So we have to wait and see when the next match notes will release. In the main time if you are experience in any of these issues after starfield patch notes 1.7.36 you can report to the customer support. And players are still getting the same issues, and it is not fixed.


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