How To Join ALL FACTIONS In Starfield?#2 – Easy Ways!


How To Join ALL FACTIONS In Starfield? Becoming a part of all factions in Starfield is a dream for all. Now let’s see the best ways to join all factions in Starfield here exclusively at our GA guide end.

As of now, you can join five major factions in the game. The members and their goals of all Starfield factions will differ. Yes, all Starfield factions have different pirates and goals too, but you have to make sure you are not joining the wrong ones as well too.

United Colonies, Ryujin Industries, Crimson Fleet, Constellation and Freestar Collective are all five Starfield factions currently and right now too.

How To Join ALL FACTIONS In Starfield?#2 – Easy Ways!

Now let’s see the most easiest ways to join all Starfield factions here exclusively at our GA guide end now,

All factions in Starfield

Crimson Fleet – Aftter joining and working for UC Vanguard, you will be able to join this gang. But you must also complete the deep cover quests too. Here, you can find many aggressive space pirates and captains

All factions in Starfield

Constellation – This is the major and main space exploration club for all pirates and suits. The Starfield stories begin here and you can join after completing all the main story missions

United Colonies – Here all proactive vanguard forces work together and you must also join their UC Vanguard too

Argos Extractors – You can join this mining company from the game’s start itself too

Freestar Collective – Separatists and small pirates are seen here. Help free star rangers gang in the akila city to join this clan

Ryujin Industries – Techies from the neon city are here and you can join here after completing some small tasks and jobs. Many hire for jobs in the neon city, you have to complete those jobs too

Sanctum Universum – these religious organizations are against the Enlightened force

Enlightened – these religious organizations are against the Sanctum Universum

Starfield the action role playing game from Bethesda Game Studios is finally out. This action role playing game is available for windows and xbox series.

Starfield allows playing from both first- person and third-person perspectives. The story takes place in a milky way galaxy and also in the form of an open world. You can also find both fictional and non fictional planetary systems. All players in Starfields can land in more than 1000 planets, moons and space stations.

The landscapes within the game is procedurally generated too. The game will generate the terrain and stories of Starfield are also based on the aliens fauna and flora too. New Atlantis is the largest fictional city in the world of Starfield. And speak to non playable characters and also add them to your crew as well too.

Construct outposts and train your troops over there too. Even NPCs can be romance due to as the game supports the romance feature. There are five distinct skill and this allows you to unlock abilities like , Social, Combat, Science, and Tech. Firearms, explosives, and melee weapons are available too.

Use the Telescopic sight to upgrade all weapons and their accuracy level stats too. Then this amazing mechanic feature called the suppressor will also allow you to engage in the stealth-oriented playing styles too for all battles too.


You can also use jetpacks called boost packs that aid you in all combat of Starfield too. You must also scan planets to view your natural resources too.

Outposts can also be automatically erected by yourselves. These outposts are also your homes and they are also used for the resource-extraction operations.You can also install laboratories to outposts and also use them to research on all those craftable items and upgrades.


The five major research items are also the Pharmacology, Food & Drink, Outpost Development, Equipment, and Weaponry. Outposts are allowed to be constructed from both a first-person perspective and an isometric perspective too currently and right now too.

Construct, commandeer and also purchase the spaceships too. All spaceports are located on all your planets of Starfield too. Ship combat is available and you can also use weapons and equipment to defend your spaceships too.

Overall, Starfield is an amazing and intriguing sci-fi action roleplaying game from the team of Bethesda Softworks that’s also highly engaging too. But this amazing game Starfield is now only available as a single player game too.


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